Port Centre gets new home beside Port House

Wednesday 20 12 2017

The Province of Antwerp is building a new visitor and experience centre for the port of Antwerp on the Dry Dock site, near the future Maritime Museum. For Antwerp Port Authority, a new port experience centre near its own headquarters represents welcome added value.

"With this new port experience centre on the Dry Dock site we can make the port even more accessible to ordinary citizens," declared Marc Van Peel, alderman for port, industry and public works. "In the longer term it promises to be a top location with an attractive mix of water, green areas, maritime heritage and a unique port experience. We are looking forward to making people acquainted with the job opportunities in the port, as showcased in this experience centre."

The present Port Centre has been located in Lillo since the end of the 1980s. For the moment it caters only for groups, but in future it aims to let individual visitors also discover the port and what it has to offer. However, young people remain the most important target audience since it is they who will build the port of the future.