Port Instructions HMO revision June 2017

Publication date: 
23 Jun 2017

Port Instructions HMO revision June 2017 now online on the Port of Antwerp website. In 2014 the Port Instructions were drawn up to supplement the Municipal Port Police Regulation, to serve as a guide for how the latter should be applied.

As the Harbour Masters Office is charged with the implementation of the PI based on art. 6.1 of the Port Police Regulation, they decided to review the Port Instructions every 6 months.

The articles of the Port Instructions that were modified in June 2017 are indicated in purple.

Correspondence between the Port Police Regulation and the Port Instructions is still ensured by having parallel numbering, with corresponding articles sharing the same number.

In addition the Port Instructions include a URL linking to the Harbourmaster’s standard forms that have to be submitted to the Permits desk of the Harbourmaster’s Office: Toelatingen.HKD@portofantwerp.com.

For further information concerning the Municipal Port Police Regulation, the Port Instructions and relevant forms, you can reach us on the following number: +32 229 68 00.


The English version (*) of the Regulation and the Instructions of June 2017 and hyperlinked forms can be found at the following link:



(*)the English text is simply by way of information, the only legally valid version is the Dutch text.