Port's wind farm expands

Friday 12 02 2021

Port of Antwerp houses the largest wind farm on the Belgian mainland. Four new wind turbines are to be built on the right bank, and an existing one will be upgraded. Six others will be installed on the left bank. This is how the milestone of 200 MW wind production will be reached this year.

Wind energy company Vleemo is building the new turbines on the right bank. The new turbines are funded by the 'Wind voor A' cooperative. 


Alongside these specific plans, several other sites are under consideration for the expansion of the wind farm. In this way, the port is helping to support sustainable energy.



  • There are 80 wind turbines in total in the port area
  • This wind farm has a capacity of over 200 megawatts , enough to supply electricity to 140.000 households.
  • The new wind turbines have a tip height of just under 200 metres.