PSAA, MPET and ATS make maximum sustainable use of rainwater

Friday 24 11 2017
Underground storage tank

The terminal operators PSA Antwerp, MSC PSA European Terminal and their services provider Antwerp Terminal Services are together investing 300,000 euros in construction of three underground storage tanks for recycling rainwater and making optimum use of it. This sustainable investment will save large amounts of drinking water consumption. The storage tanks are due to enter service in mid-2018. 

"At the moment we need about 3 million tonnes of water annually for cleaning and maintaining our vehicles and equipment," explains ATS general manager Francis De Ruyter. "Thanks to the new storage tanks we will be able to use rainwater for all the washing of port equipment."


The tanks are being installed on the MPET, Europa and Noordzee terminals and will have a total capacity of 240,000 litres of rainwater. This water will be used for cleaning the terminal equipment. After use it will be purified so that it can be discharged into the environment.


To find out more about sustainable initiatives in the port, see our Sustainability Website.