Rail service to Poland and Austria

Friday 12 03 2021

Railway operator PCC Intermodal, in collaboration with Lineas, expanded its rail connections to and from Poland in February. Raising the frequency from three to five shuttles per week will increase capacity by 50%. MSC Austria is launching a new direct rail connection between the MPET terminal and Vienna's South Terminal.

The evermore frequent rail connections with the hinterland will ensure the fast and reliable supply and despatch of containers, as well as conventional cargo.


Five shuttles a week to Poland

The almost daily rail service connects terminals in Poland (Poznan, Kutno, Gliwice, Brzeg Dolny and Kolbuszowa) with Antwerp (main hub and all maritime terminals). It accounts for 50% more conventional cargo and around 600 containers (TEU) per week. In addition, this new rail connection will also provide a direct line to Belarus, Ukraine, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Interested? You can find the contact details via the Connectivity Platform.


PCC intermodal map


Direct connection between terminals in Antwerp and Austria

MSC Austria has built a direct rail connection between MPET in Antwerp and South Terminal in Vienna, to be operational from March. The MSC Leo Shuttle is part of the Lineas Green Xpress Network and will ensure a shorter transit time and a more flexible service provision. With a minimum frequency of four times a week, MSC Austria is strengthening the intermodal transportation network.

MSC Austria map


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