Rebuilding the quay wall at Europa Terminal

Sunday 18 04 2021

Port of Antwerp, along with terminal operator PSA Antwerp, is planning to deepen the quay wall of Europa Terminal. As a result, the largest container ships can continue to call at Europa Terminal. With this deepening project, Port of Antwerp and PSA Antwerp are confirming their ambition to make the best and most sustainable use of the existing space at the port.

Draught up to 16 metres

The plan - the current quay wall will be completely demolished and replaced by a new one. After completion of the works, the container terminal will be able to receive ships with a greater draught. The current maximum draught for vessels that can berth at the quay wall is 13.5 metres. The works will bring the depth of the quay wall in line with the maximum draught of about 16 metres at inlet.



Terminal remains operational

The current quay wall has a length of almost 1,200 metres. In order to limit the operational impact, the works are taking place in three phases. This will allow a large part of the terminal to remain in service at all times, while the rest of the capacity is diverted to PSA North Sea Terminal. Container handler PSA Antwerp is responsible for the renovation of the layout of the adjacent apron, including new flooring, the largest container cranes and infrastructure for providing shore power. The works are expected to start at the end of this year.


Sustainable growth

To remain a top-class world port, the port must be able to offer extra container capacity to its customers. To this end, Port of Antwerp is constantly working on expansion, both with the ECA project and by optimising existing capacity. The renovation of Europa Terminal is an important step in the further development of a sustainable port. You can read more information in the press release on the renovation of the quay wall at the Europa Terminal.