A record-breaking vessel for Antwerp Stone Terminal

Thursday 10 06 2021

On 10 June 2021, the MV Yeoman Bontrup, one of the largest self-unloading bulk carriers in the world, docked in Antwerp. Antwerp Stone Terminal unloaded 93 000 tonnes of stone aggregate in 24 hours. The fact that the Kieldrecht Lock is capable of accommodating vessels of a suitable draught is what makes such large volumes possible.

The cargo is destined to be used in the production of high-quality asphalt. This particular load of stone aggregate from Norway will be used in the construction of the new Oosterweel Link, amongst other things.


Bontrup, the group behind the Antwerp Stone Terminal, has been active in the port of Antwerp since 2002. The company imports stone aggregate from quarries in Scotland and Norway, which is then processed into different sizes at Antwerp Stone Terminal. After that, it is transported by inland navigation vessel to Germany or the Netherlands or by coaster to the United Kingdom.


Sustainable transport


The group, which operates quarries in Norway, terminals in Antwerp, Amsterdam and London and vessels owned by the company itself, chooses to make use of sustainable modes of transport by seagoing vessel, inland navigation vessel or coaster, thereby removing 3 000 trucks from the road. What is more, the company also uses an energy-neutral breaking processes in its quarries.