Shortsea transport

Friday 24 04 2020

Shortsea transport is the future, offering countless advantages for shippers and forwarders. Thanks to direct liner services you are no longer vulnerable to traffic congestion and strict border inspections in these times of corona.

"Another trigger to take a close look at your supply chain is the growing focus on sustainable transport and reducing CO2 emissions, as in the European Green Deal. By connecting as many European destinations as possible by shortsea, rail and barge, we offer our customers an end-to-end alternative," says Dries Van Gheluwe, Key Account Manager Shortsea Shipping at Port of Antwerp.

Port of Antwerp currently offers 53 container services per week with destinations ranging from the Mediterranean region and the Iberian peninsula at one end to Russia at the other. "Our ambition is to offer frequent, regular shortsea services to a number of important destinations," says Van Gheluwe. "Container shipping in the first place, but also ro/ro and breakbulk liner services. Our focus regions are currently Spain and Portugal (Iberia), the UK, Ireland and Norway."


"In that respect we are very pleased with the breakbulk service connecting Antwerp with Ireland," he adds. The Fast Lines breakbulk shipping company for its part has introduced a direct route between Antwerp and the Irish port of Drogheda, centrally located between Dublin and Belfast. Since March 2020 breakbulk customers are able to send relatively small consignments and so avoid the British roads. An ideal solution given the great uncertainty for road transport created by Brexit and the closure of borders. And furthermore a great deal more sustainable, as each trip keeps a good 100 trucks off the road.


Would you like to read more about the advantages of shortsea? Are you considering a modal shift and want to know more about the possibilities of Antwerp? 


Then download the Port of Antwerp white paper (not just limited to Brexit), or contact our shortsea experts. As a neutral partner we will look for end-to-end solutions to match your specific requirements.