A smooth Channel crossing

Friday 13 11 2020

The first written reference to the loading of an English ship in the port of Antwerp dates back to 1120. The port has been a key gateway to the UK for 900 years now. We've seen through wars and crises, so, deal or no deal, the UK will remain a key maritime partner for Port of Antwerp even after 31 December. 

Port of Antwerp is a world port. The extra formalities will be no obstacle to a reliable supply chain. "Over the past three years, the port community has worked hard to ensure a smooth link to the United Kingdom, even after the transition period," says Justin Atkin, Port of Antwerp's representative in the UK and Ireland. 


The port has all the necessary infrastructure and expertise in house to ensure problem-free shortsea shipping of goods between the two regions. Unmanned shortsea transport avoids passport checks and waiting times at the border. The fully optimised one-stop customs and border inspection facilities and the extensive storage capacity for all types of goods contribute to a smooth operation.


For nine centuries, the port of Antwerp has developed and strengthened its connection with the UK. Today, nine shipping lines form that strong connection and we ship 17 million tonnes of cargo to and from the UK every year. The Brexit task force has been addressing the complex implications of Brexit since 2016 so that the UK will remain a key trade partner of Port of Antwerp after 31 December.


Is your company ready for a good connection to the UK, deal or no deal? Find out on the Port of Antwerp website. More information about the changes can be found on the UK government website.