Sound financial basis for future investments

Monday 24 07 2017

Antwerp Port Authority has closed its financial year with a consolidated profit of 122.7 million euros. This result is largely due to a one-off factor, namely a capital gain on the sale of the company's former headquarters. 

Meeting customers' expectations

Port Authority CEO Jacques Vandermeiren declared: "We need to have sufficient financial reserves to offer our customers the reliable, cost-efficient service that they expect. Maritime accessibility, good-quality hinterland connections via the different transport modes, sufficient capacity and efficient infrastructure are just some of our customers' expectations, and we will have to invest heavily in all these in the coming years."

To achieve this a number of major projects are in course of preparation to which the Port Authority will make significant financial contributions. These include the Oosterweel connection, the refurbishment and upgrading of the Royers lock and investments related to the complex project under the heading of "Additional container capacity for the port of Antwerp."

Read the detailed press release for the main elements of the consolidated result in 2016. 

Port of Antwerp grows further during first six months of 2017

The port of Antwerp handled 111,385,518 tonnes of freight during the first six months of this year, representing growth of 2.8% compared with the same period in 2016. The container volume for its part expanded by 2.5% in terms of tonnage, or 1.9% in terms of TEU. Liquid bulk experienced growth of 1.8% by the end of June. 

After the previous record years these results inspire further confidence. "We have achieved these figures against a background of already good performance," declared Port Authority CEO Jacques Vandermeiren. "In 2016 Antwerp was one of the few ports in the Hamburg-Le Havre range to achieve growth figures. If after that we can once more produce a positive report then we have every reason for satisfaction." But he also warned: "We have to look ahead; these volumes also demonstrate the need for additional container capacity in the port of Antwerp. We will do everything necessary to give the port companies the oxygen that they need in order to prosper. Our companies create employment, not only within the port itself but also far beyond. We have to keep supplying this engine of employment in Flanders," he concluded. 

Read the detailed press release about the growth in freight volumes, which also includes an urgent call for additional employees to be hired during the summer months. 


The annual accounts are included in the 2016 Annual Report which can be consulted on the Port of Antwerp website under the heading Publications.

A new Facts & Figures 2017 booklet is also available.