Standic tank storage company comes to Port of Antwerp with state-of-the-art chemicals terminal

Friday 21 06 2019

The Dutch tank storage company Standic, a member of the Hametha group, is to build a new chemicals terminal in Antwerp. The terminal will be located in the 5th Haven dock with an initial storage capacity of 96,000 m³, which can be expanded in future to 230,000 m³. It is due to enter operation in 2021.


State-of-the-art storage terminal


The state-of-the-art facility will be fully automated, with built-in sustainability features such as onshore power for ships moored at the terminal, to meet the requirements of the customer. "Port of Antwerp is known as one of the largest maritime clusters in the world, which is why we chose it for our expansion," says Hametha managing director Ronald Ooms. "We aim to build on our success with chemical storage and further expand it. In Antwerp we will be able to further develop in the niche market of more specialised chemicals and serve our customers from all over the world." 


The capital investment for the project is around 200 million euros. Like the terminal in Doordrecht (Netherlands), the focus will be on distribution of chemical products for niche chemical markets. The size of the storage tanks varies from 500 to 3500 m3.


Multimodal accessibility


With the new terminal Standic is contributing to sustainable development of the Antwerp port platform, one of the key elements in Port of Antwerp's business plan. In addition to its accessibility by water – both by sea and by inland waterway – the location is also very favourable for rail transport. 


"The new Standic terminal will further boost the synergy between the various industrial companies in the port, thus helping to make logistic operations and processes even more cost-efficient," says William Demoor, customer relations manager at Port of Antwerp. "Furthermore the location is ideal for multimodal access, a key factor for sustainable distribution of chemicals."