Stricter rules for byloads inside used vehicles

Tuesday 15 12 2020

The port of Antwerp ships 300,000 used vehicles a year. In order to ensure that this takes place as sustainably and safely as possible, more stringent rules governing byloads inside second-hand vehicles will be introduced from the start of 2021.

When shipping used vehicles at the port of Antwerp, approximately 80% are carrying additional cargo. As the tightening of the regulations last year proved to be insufficient to guarantee a sustainable, safe and secure method of handling and transport, they will be tightened from 2021 onwards. Second-hand cars and small vans will no longer be permitted to have any byloads on board. It will be permitted in the case of larger vans, trucks and trailers, but the maximum permitted weight of the vehicle must not be exceeded.


Port of Antwerp sets the tone for security

Port of Antwerp sets out to be and wants to remain the most progressive and leading port in this sector of the economy and is working in close collaboration with the various market-players. Luc Arnouts, Director International Relations & Networks: “Sustainability and safety are our priority. This is why the rules need to be tightened up. It will enable the checks for compliance with the regulations to be conducted in a more targeted and efficient way.”


More about the tightening of the measures around byloads for used vehicles can be found in the press release or in the Port Police Regulation and the Harbour Master’s Port Instructions.