Time-lapse shows asphalt plant resurrection

Wednesday 20 12 2017

The Van Wellen contracting company has just inaugurated its new asphalt plant in the port of Antwerp. The plant is technologically and ecologically advanced, with great flexibility

It is actually a pre-existing plant that previously stood in Venlo, in the Netherlands, which was purchased by Van Wellen, dismantled and then reassembled in Antwerp. The dismantling and reassembly over a period of several weeks can be seen in the time-lapse video here. This solution is unique in Flanders.

1,000-tonne plant

The new installation replaces two of Van Wellen's previous asphalt plants, in Schoten and Doel respectively. “We first looked at the possibility of renovating and expanding these units", says general manager Jan van Wezel. "But ultimately the most logical and efficient choice was to replace them completely. Furthermore there are many advantages in ecological terms. The new plant saves 900 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, corresponding to the average emissions of 115 households. And we are giving a new lease of life to a plant that is hardly 10 years old. To move this installation weighing more than 1,000 tonnes we opted for barge transport, with as little as possible going by road."


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