Two European grants for Antwerp@C

Wednesday 21 10 2020

Antwerp@C is bringing in two European subsidies to carry out studies for cross-border CO2 transport infrastructure: a liquid CO2 export terminal, a CO2 pipeline at the port of Antwerp and a CO2 pipeline to the Netherlands. The ambition of Antwerp@C is to capture half of the CO2 emissions at the port by 2030.

Antwerp@C, a consortium consisting of Port of Antwerp, Air Liquide, BASF, Borealis, ExxonMobil, INEOS, Fluxys and Total, are very pleased with the award of the European financing programme for trans-European energy networks. Financial support from Europe, the federal government and Flanders is indispensable for the successful completion of the study phase.


In 2019, Port of Antwerp brought the seven partners together to investigate the technical and economic feasibility of building CO2 infrastructure at the port of Antwerp. By enabling the capture and reuse or storage of CO2 in the reasonably short term and at a bearable cost, the partners of Antwerp@C are aiming to make a significant contribution to the climate objectives