Van Moer Logistics "Everyone benefits from efficient logistics"

Friday 24 11 2017

The logistics sector in Belgium is booming. When the port is doing well, companies in the wider region all reap the benefits. Jo Van Moer set up as a one-man business in 1990 with his own truck which he drove himself. Now Van Moer Logistics has recently hired its 1000th employee and the company is co-owner of the ATO terminal in the port of Antwerp. Van Moer Logistics is growing, and that's good not just for employment. Efficient logistics creates opportunities for companies in the region. "We enable customers to send goods more efficiently, by developing new concepts together with them," says CCO Dennie Lockefeer. "In that way they grow along with us."

 Logistics: more than just transport

Things are going well for the company that began just under 30 years ago with only one truck.

Van Moer Logistics now has 400,000 m² of covered storage space, more than 1,000 employees, 340 trucks and 15 sites in Belgium and abroad. Nowadays logistics is much more than just transporting goods.


A different approach to mobility

A logistics company creates added value. Not just in numbers, but also for the customers with which it works. Van Moer has plenty of success stories to show for itself. 

"Umicore Hoboken is a good recent example," says Dennie Lockefeer. "They used to do all transport by road. At Van Moer we looked at all the options for raising the efficiency and decided that we had to use the river Scheldt. We installed the necessary superstructure on the quay including a dock crane, and also set up on-site logistics. A large part of the transport is now done using our own barges, and there is less truck congestion in Hoboken as a result. Taking a different approach to mobility like this is a response to the concerns of the local community. But even more important, the improved logistics has unleashed greater production for Umicore. And thus also more jobs."

Dennie Lockefeer ascribes the success of Van Moer Logistics to professionalisation. "In just 30 years the small transport company has grown into an international logistics concern with a highly professional operating structure. Jo Van Moer quickly realised that a logistics company not only has to transport goods but also has to handle and store them. We feel where the customers' priorities lie and act accordingly." 

With the river Scheldt the port of Antwerp literally attracts a stream of activities, and in all probability Van Moer Logistics will make even more use of barge transport in the near future. With the port as the ultimate growth centre the logistics sector will continue to develop over a much wider region.

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