Wesley is in tune with the customers

Tuesday 08 01 2019

Dockmaster Wesley Vanlingen knows the docks and quays in our port like the back of his hand. With his know-how, experience and determination he gives the best service for our ship operators, captains and terminal managers.

Wesley Vanlingen has been Port of Antwerp dockmaster for two years now. Previously he spent 12 years as boatman for the Brabo floating crane. He knows the quays and the ins and outs of our port like no other. Now he uses this knowledge to be in tune with the customers.

"As dockmaster I have to see that everything on the quays goes according to the rules. I make sure that all ships are lying at their allocated berths, that they leave the port at the scheduled time, and so on. We have to be firm and positive towards our customers, otherwise everything goes haywire. But at the same time we have to make the ship operators, captains, terminal managers etc. feel at home. We achieve this by being service-minded and looking at things from their point of view.

If I need to tell a bargee that he has to move because that berth is reserved for someone else, then I also tell him where he can go instead. When a new terminal manager started work at one of our concessions a couple of years ago, I got together with him to draw up a detailed quay scheduling plan. It's not actually part of my job, but having a well-run terminal where ships can be loaded and unloaded efficiently is a win-win situation for everybody. Later we received a very nice 'thank you' email from the terminal manager. It's great for our efforts to be appreciated!"