World's first academic chair for Sustainable Transformation in Antwerp

Wednesday 20 12 2017

Antwerp Management School (AMS) has announced the appointment of Dr. Wayne Visser as the world's first ever holder of the chair in Sustainable Transformation. With this move AMS confirms its long-term commitment to prepare the business leaders of the future to deal with the challenges facing them. The chair is supported by BASF Antwerp, Antwerp Port Authority and Randstad Belgium.

In addition to carrying out applied research, Professor Visser will set up corporate leadership groups to promote sustainable transformation in terms of a flexible, digital, accessible, circular and prosperous economy. Development of a new master's degree in Sustainable Transformation is also on the agenda, together with blended learning and tailor-made courses for companies. These developments support the implementation of Principles for Responsible Education (PRE) of the United Nations, to which AMS has subscribed.




Worldwide reputation

Professor Visser is respected around the world as a thought leader in sustainable enterprise and socially responsible enterprise (SRE). In fact he is recognised as a top 100 thought leader in Trustworthy Business and a top 100 leader in worldwide sustainability. Furthermore he has received the Global CSR Excellence & Leadership Award. His work as a strategy analyst, sustainability advisor, SRE expert, futurist and professional speaker have brought him more than 150 clients in the past 30 years, visiting more than 74 countries.

Wayne Visser: "I am enthusiastic about this new role. Sustainable transformation and integrated value are the sources of a positive, solutions-driven approach to our worldwide challenges. It recognises that SRE and a sustainable corporate agenda have shifted the action to transforming our economic system, rethinking our company models and redesigning our products and services. This is the next industrial revolution."

Jacques Vandermeiren, of Antwerp Port Authority: “Our port community has for some years now been oriented towards a future based on sustainable economic models. We are convinced that this transition process offers us the elements that will help us find answers not only to global but also to local challenges, such as climate change, mobility and digitisation. With the appointment of Wayne Visser as holder of the chair in Sustainable Transformation, we in Antwerp have attracted an impressive speaker and thought leader who will provide the necessary inspiration.”

Wouter De Geest, CEO of BASF: "To offer everyone a liveable future with a better quality of life, that is the great challenge facing our society. Chemistry not only bears a large responsibility here but can also make an important contribution towards this. It is in this spirit that BASF has for many years now put great efforts into making its products and processes more sustainable, thanks to innovation. But we alone cannot achieve this, there has to be interaction among sectors of industry and groups in society. As a founding member of the AMS Chair of Sustainable Transformation within the unifying structure of the Antwerp Knowledge Centre for Sustainability set up by the University of Antwerp/AMS, we aim to collaborate with Prof. Wayne Visser to promote transformation by means of leadership groups and by putting sustainability on the curricula of all courses at AMS and the University of Antwerp.”