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NextGen District is where change begins. Where innovators come together to design, develop, and implement projects that set an example for real change. Moving from linear to circular. From factories to networks. From using to renewing. Are you ready to join us?



Green Industry Innovation

Innovator. Change leader. We need you

A cleaner, greener world for us all. A fantasy or the reality you’re working towards? It’s time to think differently and change the game.

We need change leaders that show us we can achieve our goals by challenging the status quo and fighting for a world without climate change.


A pioneering network

Discover the NextGen District network. A hotspot of new ideas and creative entrepreneurship in the heart of Europe. A hub of outstanding multimodal connections. A centre for world-class logistical services and skilled manpower. The heart of your new network.

Multimodal Connections

Innovation zones

Companies have different needs as they grow and succeed. That’s why NextGen District offers a variety of innovation zones, each developed to meet these changing needs.

NextGen Demo Rendering

NextGen Demo

Ready to take the next step and give shape to dedicated facilities? NextGen Demo offers support and space for small companies ready to demonstrate their technologies.


NextGen Park Rendering

NextGen Park

Is it time to move up to the next level? Companies who have scaled up can enjoy the resources and space offered by NextGen Park as they further expand their portfolio.


NextGen Lots Rendering

NextGen Lots

Looking for the right location? Industry leaders can build tailor-made facilities on plots of land with access to the resources they need with NextGen Lots.

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