Liquid bulk

For liquid bulk, Antwerp is a very competitive distribution location. Years of expertise, extensive storage possibilities, and a large number of service providers make Antwerp unique. Moreover, the port has excellent connections with worldwide destinations by rail, road, barge, shipping and pipeline.

Extensive storage capacity

Over the past years various oil traders and tank storage companies have actively invested in new tank storage capacity.  

11 terminal operators offer 7.2 million m³ storage capacity for all possible liquid products on 16 multi-customer terminals:  

  • sensitive products (biggest number of stainless steel tanks worldwide),
  • chemicals and derivatives,
  • oil drums, barrels
  • hazardous cargo. (dangerous goods)

In addition to storage facilities, the tank storage companies also provide many added value services, such as drumming, heating and blending of products:

Logistics services for hazardous cargo

The port has specialised storage facilities for the storage of hazardous cargo in warehouses or in tanks. Jointly, the tank storage operators offer the largest number of stainless steel tanks worldwide. These storage facilities meet the strictest national and European standards in terms of fire prevention, fire-fighting and industrial and environmental safety.

In addition to storage facilities, logistics service providers have other qualities:

  • a range of logistics services, such as packaging, labelling, quality control, supply management, transport en distribution;
  • years of expertise and very reliable handling;
  • well trained workers;
  • quadro-modal access and rapid transport to the hinterland.

Service providers who store hazardous cargo and offer additional logistics services.



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