Business plan 2018-2020


Our new mission is clear: 

A Home port as a lever for a sustainable future.

With this mission, the Antwerp Port Authority sets out the guidelines for its future.


To realize this mission, also our vision for the coming years has been set:

We are a home base for maritime and logistical services, and for a unique industrial fabric, with the whole world as our scale of operations. It is therefore our mission to unite and strengthen our employees, customers and stakeholders and to bring them up to speed. We do this by empowering our employees, facilitating the growth of our customers, and aligning ourselves with our stakeholders. Our main foundations for this are our great adaptability, our strong focus on innovation and digitisation and on sustainable added value, and our responsibility towards society. 

Five strategic priorities

In our business plan, we translate this mission into 5 strategic priorities that should anchor the competitive position of the port of Antwerp in the coming years.

We specifically focus on:


Sustainable growth:

Managing and developing sites and infrastructure remains one of our core tasks and forms a significant source of income. 


The port must at all times remain accessible for goods and people alike. Only a far-reaching modal shift will be able to offer a sustainable solution.



We will continue to strive to introduce innovative concepts as circular low-carbon economy and digital transition onto the port platform. 


Safety & Security:

As Port Authority we are responsible for the wellbeing of people and the security of data, assets and our environment.


Operational excellence:

We aspire to achieve a high level of satisfaction among our customers as well as a state of healthy finances. We as a Port Authority will be aiming to continuously improve the reliability, quality and price of our services.
























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