Shore power

Antwerp Port Authority has installed nine onshore power connection points, so that barges can draw electricity while they are at berth.


The nine onshore power bollards are to be found on Quay 75, near the Noordkasteel dock. Each bollard has a unique ID in which the first two numbers (03) refer to the Antwerp area, 0075 indicates the location on quay 75 and the last three numbers refer to the bollard and socket (e.g. 012 stands for bollard 01, socket 2).


Users have to register once here to gain access to the system. They are also given a personal web page on which they can monitor their consumption. Secure access to your personal data is guaranteed by a unique login based on the ENI number and a mobile phone number. Below you can also find the information in French and German.


Invoices will be issued by the Port Authority, at a rate of 0.27€ per kWh.