Organisation chart

The organisation chart shows how the various services and departments within the leadership team and extended leadership team at the Port of Antwerp are structured. Click the download for an extensive organisation chart.

Colleagues of the leadership team and extended leadership team

Explanation per department or office:

International Networks

This team is responsible for expanding and maintaining contacts with international head offices of existing and potential customers and setting up global partnerships. The commercial and promotional appearance of our port is guaranteed thanks to our worldwide network of representatives, located in regions that are strategically important for Antwerp. The International Relations and Networks team works closely with affiliated companies of Port of Antwerp: PAI (Port of Antwerp International) and APEC (Antwerp / Flanders Port Education Center). PAI provides services such as consultancy, management and participations in overseas port projects. APEC specialises in training for port specialists worldwide. Together we ensure that the port of Antwerp is 'top-of-mind' among shippers, forwarders and shipping companies. Together we also guarantee sustainable growth for future generations.

Customer Relations

New and existing customers of the Port Authority come into daily contact with the Customer Relations Department. It develops products for an efficient collaboration with existing and future customers of the Antwerp Port Authority, within the strategic guidelines and in consultation with the International Networks manager.


The Operations department comprises three subdivisions, i.e. Nautical operations, Asset management and Port projects. Each department has its own responsibilities where a safe, efficient, customer-friendly and cost-efficient progress of the nautical activities and traffic flows in the port are key.

  • The Nautical Operations department is responsible for the fleet, Shipping Traffic Management and Harbourmaster's Office (with the exception of police powers). (Fleet Operations – Vessel Traffic – Harbour Safety & Security)
  • Asset management is responsible for the development and management of the dry and maritime infrastructure such as bridges, locks, quay walls, etc. This is completely in line with the policy vision for a sustainable development of the port area. (Onshore Infrastructure - Maritime Infrastructure - Technical fleet - Technical innovation).
  • And the colleagues of Port Projects centralise all technical projects that have a big or small impact on the port infrastructure)


The Finance team implements a central, transversal financial policy for Antwerp Port Authority. It coordinates all financial administrative processes, collects the Port Authority's income and coordinates its central purchasing management.

Marketing & Communication

The Marketing & Communication team is responsible for all forms of communication and marketing for the Port Authority. It organises national and international events, manages the Port Authority's online presence and takes care of the internal communication for the more than 1500 employees of the Port Authority. It supports and strengthens all activities, and shapes the Port Authority's brand and image.

Corporate Affairs

The Corporate Affairs team defends and promotes the Port Authority's strategic interests, in dialogue with national and international bodies. The team members act as true ambassadors for the Port Authority in matters of strategic importance, giving voice to the strengths of our organisation. They ensure a wide basis of support for the port of Antwerp at different stakeholders.

Human Resources

The Human Resources team develops and implements a flexible personnel policy, in line with the corporate vision, strategy and culture. This team coordinates the HR processes and maps out the individual career policy for the Port Authority's employees. It also acts as the sparring partner for top management, and as the reliable discussion partner for trade unions and external stakeholders.

Digital Information & Innovation Office

The Digital Information & Innovation Office takes the lead in developing and implementing an innovative digital IT and telecommunications policy. The team is proactive in meeting the present and future digital challenges facing the Port Authority and its subsidiaries.