Our values

Our five values show the Port Authority the road to a sustainable future. In this way we are one with colleagues, one with customers, one with the society. We are one with our values, and one with the world.


Trust is the foundation of our co-operation with customers, stakeholders and each other. Trust is the glue that keeps us together and makes us stronger. It's about giving others freedom and space. It's about not being afraid to let go. It's about giving and taking. This is the only way we are able to connect with each other, our customers and our stakeholders. Believe in yourself, and in others!



We make others enthusiastic with our warmth. Passion gives us the strength to move mountains, endure storms. With positivism, always and everywhere. Passion is a sparkle, inspiration, pleasure. We are proud to work together for a sustainable future. The Port of Antwerp is a source of inspiration. Passion is the engine of our success.



We feel the urge to leave the well-trodden paths. No innovation without experiment. We accept every challenge. In difficult times we take our responsibility. That means take well-considered risks. Adapt to changing circumstances. Without guts no progress!



‘Are we doing the right things? And are we doing them well? Or can they be done better?’ The answer to these questions is not a guarantee for success. They are a small step toward a sustainable future. Without complicated processes or cumbersome procedures. Quick and down-to-earth. Simplicity brings focus and creativity. Away with all ballast. We work quickly, cost-consciously and efficiently. We opt for a transverse acceleration, this how we can save energy. Simplicity is a virtue. Obviously.



One plus one is three. Together we stand strong. We take into account our colleagues and our customers. We understand each other. We stimulate others to do the same. Connection is a crucial element to fulfil our role of community builder. It means we listen to other people's ideas and share our own knowledge. In this way we open new avenues, and create new opportunities. For ourselves and everyone around us.