Every day 60,500 people work in the port, indirectly about 142,000. All these people make the port into what it is today and will be tomorrow. They also have a great reputation. For decades, Antwerp's Port labourers have been renowned for their high productivity and the people working in the petrochemical industry are known for their excellent expertise. The Antwerp port community is well aware of the fact that these people constitute an indispensable link.

The most important aspect is the safety of people while at work. To achieve this, only safe and reliable equipment is used, employees follow the necessary safety courses and training before they start working and everyone needs to wear the proper protective clothing when working. Employers pay a salary that is in line with market conditions and usually provide an extra number of attractive secondary employment conditions.

The port community realises the importance of people in its surroundings and their platform. Not only does it take a large number of measures to improve the environment and surroundings where possible, it also supports a large number of activities and social objectives. Examples include the sponsoring of sports clubs and events in the area and the financial support of social organisations such.