Photography and shipspotting

Port of Antwerp is a unique place with many photogenic spots. Photographing the port and its activities is possible under certain conditions. We will gladly show you around.

Public highway


You don't need permission to take photographs from the public highway. Remember that the port is a working area and respect the highway code. The traffic situation around bridges and locks often changes, so be extremely careful. Visiting the sights is also at your own risk.




The largest container vessels in the world can be admired from a few metres away in the port of Antwerp. The Port Authority made a map with the best spotting locations for enthusiasts.

A small selection of some extraordinary vessels calling at our port this summer is available here:


  • 22/07: ONE Aquila
  • 29/07: ONE Columba
  • 29/07: Cosco Virgo
  • 30/07: Cosco Sagittarius
  • 05/08: Cosco Scorpio
  • 06/08: ONE Minato
  • 07/08: Maersk Maastricht
  • 12/08: Cosco Universe
  • 19/08: Cosco Aries
  • 20/08: ONE Cygnus (maiden trip)
  • 26/08: Cosco Gemini
  • 09/09: MSC Jewel (maiden trip)


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Mega vessels

Cruise ships, dredgers, ro-ro vessels, container vessels, oil tankers, tugs, barges; all these vessels can be admired in the port of Antwerp, from just a few metres away. Shipspotters can be found at their favourite spot in the port, with binoculars and a camera at hand.


Especially for all enthusiasts, the Port Authority has put together a map to choose your own spot to see an immense container ship, a very strong tug or a heavily loaded tanker ship pass by.



Although these locations are on the public highway, the Port of Antwerp advises photographers not to make photographs of the companies located there, their installations or employees without prior permission. Several websites exist where you can follow which ships will call at the port of Antwerp. Look for example on MarineTraffic or VesselTracker.

Mega vessels

Port of Antwerp handles more goods than ever. In addition, more and more goods are being transported in containers.  The capacity of container ships has increased fivefold since the nineties. Mega vessels now have a capacity in excess of 20,000 TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit). 1 TEU stands for 1 twenty foot container. Did you know that each of these vessels creates more prosperity and employment? And of course they also put products on shelves and on your plate.





Economic activity


In addition to spotting ships, economic activity is also a source of inspiration for photographers.  However, Port of Antwerp advises photographers not to make photographs of the companies located there, their installations or employees without prior permission. This fits in with the  specific security regulations that apply in the port and privacy legislation.  If you needs photographs, request the company or authority's permission.


Image bank


The image bank of Port of Antwerp contains a wealth of information. Not only does it offer pictures of the modern port, which are regularly supplemented with new photos by our in-house photographer, it also allows you to discover the growth of the port through the historic images. Click here for our image bank

For drones in the port specific regulations apply.