The Port of Antwerp is the most important hub in the Western European pipeline network. Pipelines offer the (petro)chemical sector a safe, reliable and primarily environmentally friendly means of transport for the supply and distribution of its products in Belgium and neighbouring countries.

Intra-port pipeline network

In the Antwerp (petro)chemical cluster alone, all industrial and independent tank storage companies are connected by 57 different product pipelines or 1.000 km of pipelines which transport almost 90% of all liquid goods (petro)chemicals within the port.

End 2017, Antwerp Port Authority took over this network of the NMP pipeline company and aims to further expand this network. 

Also for the supply and distribution of chemical products in Belgium and neighbouring countries, pipelines offer secure and reliable possibilities.

It's the most environment-friendly, energy-efficient and safe means of transport. Pipelines also create growth opportunities as part of the energy transition, an area in which we play a key role”
Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO Antwerp Port Authority


Connected to the ARG network (Aethylen-Rohrleitungs-Geselschafft)

The ARG network is an ethylene pipeline network that connects the Belgian, German and Dutch chemical industry. From Antwerp, Europe’s biggest producer of ethylene, several pipelines go to Terneuzen, Rotterdam, Feluy and the Rhine-Ruhr area. The final result is not only a strong integration within the port, but also quite some interaction with (petro)chemical industries and clusters in the hinterland and neighbouring ports. 

It's a full-fledged alternative for sea transport, barge, road and rail transport. A well-developed pipeline network is essential for the chemical industry” Wouter De Geest,
Chief Managing Director, BASF Antwerpen NV, Chairman, Essenscia


Important role in energy transition

As well as being used to carry e.g. hydrogen and CO2, pipelines are essential for development of heat distribution networks. ECLUSE is such a steam network supplying heat from six incinerator facilities in the form of steam to nearby port companies. 


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