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Growing economic regions and ports such as India, Brazil, Africa, the Middle East and South-east Asia often need support in the development of their port and logistics infrastructure. Port of Antwerp International (PAI) helps them to develop a port in an expert, efficient and sustainable way.

These last years there has been an increasing demand of regions with rapidly growing economies to help them develop their ports into logistics gateways to the world. PAI was established in 2010 by the Port Authority to study and follow up these requests. Supported by an extensive network of partners in the Port of Antwerp, PAI offers the ports and regions in question the opportunity to enter into intensive partnerships and to optimise their infrastructure, operations and management.

For the Port of Antwerp as well, the co-operation with economic growth areas is of vital importance for the foreland strategy. The port's aim is to systematically strengthen its presence outside of Europe, chiefly in regions that generate new traffic. Thanks to the intensive co-operation and the contacts through PAI, an international maritime network between Antwerp and rapidly growing regions can be developed.

About PAI

  • Established in 2010 by the Antwerp Port Authority as a 100% subsidiary
  • Focus on strategic growth areas: Middle East, India, Africa, South-east Asia and Brazil
  • Strong functional and technical expertise and resources, co-operation with partners
  • Develops strategic maritime and logistics networks for the Port of Antwerp

PAI's offering

Whether it concerns small interventions in which a step-by-step plan is provided or large scale investments such as the development of a port, PAI always provides the right know-how and expertise to overseas ports and regions to achieve rapid and cost-effective results.
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Advice on the entire port lifecycle

PAI is able to assist regions and ports in expansion projects, renovation but also new greenfield projects. PAI gives advice on every step in the lifecycle of a port or logistics infrastructure: planning, development, purchase, construction, operation, management,... based on years of practical experience. PAI aims to achieve high-performance, rapid and cost-effective results.

Different partnerships

The co-operation between PAI and the international region can vary in form and in intensity. Here is a selection:

  1. Short studies
  2. Long-term management commissions
  3. Participation in management bodies
  4. Long-term investments

Consultancy services: our core activity.

Key in all this are PAI's consultancy services which cover all possible aspects of port management:

  • Technical advice (port infrastructure, equipment, software ...)
  • Nautical advice (currents, tides, waves, accessibility...)
  • Master plans for ports and terminals, hinterland connections,...
  • Economic and financial advice, tariffs and regulations
  • Legal advice, public-private partnerships
  • Environmental studies and compensations
  • Processes
  • Health, safety and security
  • HR organisation and training
  • Port management

Apart from consultancy services, partnerships with financial partners are also possible in case of long-term investments.

Conditions for collaboration

  • An intensive collaboration needs to be possible.
  • The project needs to fit in Antwerp's expertise as landlord port
  • Subject to the conditions of “good governance”
  • The project must offer an added value for the parties

Benefits of working with PAI

Rapidly growing regions are continually trying to meet the needs of their growing economy: flexibly adjusting production to market demand, quickly modernising the infrastructure but also setting up a strong maritime and logistics gateway to the world. PAI brings together the Port of Antwerp's 200 year expertise and know-how and has access to a network of experts and resources to help them in these challenges.

Specialised expertise and knowledge

PAI consultants have specific specialisations in different fields. An extensive network of professional and local partners in the Antwerp port community is used resulting in a strong leverage effect. These partners are active in various port-related fields. This concerns freight handlers, engineers, consultants, technical and infrastructural experts, executive experts, financial and/or legal experts. They are at home in all sectors: breakbulk, containers, liquid and dry bulk.

Tailor-made collaboration

PAI can help you from the initial idea to the implementation of a project. It offers several collaboration opportunities which differ in terms of involvement and duration. Depending on the need of the international region or port, the collaboration is tailor-made and ranges from short-term projects (such as studies) to long-term investments. <link to: PAI's offer>

Effectiveness and good governance

Aspiring to growth and a strong competitive position for the customer is always PAI's objective in projects. Collaborating with PAI guarantees an efficient and qualitative development of a port or logistics gateway. The provided recommendations are rapidly deployable. At all times, the PAI Team respects the conditions of good governance: transparency, trust and legitimacy are very important.

Working for PAI

Are you proactive and do you like to work on innovative projects? And do you have extensive maritime knowledge and a strong international focus? Then you may well be the person we are looking for! Interested? Click here to view our vacancies.


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