Port of the future

The Port of Antwerp didn’t “just happen”. It has always been a place of renewal and innovation. Want to find out about the steps we are taking to enable the port to sail full steam ahead into the future?

waterbus antwerpen ©Sigrid Spinnox

Energy & environment

As a port, we connect Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium and Europe with the world. We do it with a weather eye on, working with the whole of the port community. The companies that operate at the port have to take measures to reduce pollution of the air, the water and the soil.

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Smart port

It’s hard to imagine the world without them these days: words such as blockchain, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning have become woven into the warp and weft of our society. In fact, these technologies of the future may also demonstrate their worth in the port.

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waterbus antwerpen ©Sigrid Spinnox

Smart transport

Drones on land, in the water and in the air will make it easier in the future to conduct inspections and carry out logistical tasks in the port.



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Community building

Working together is the buzzword for the future. We are working on transparent data exchange, finding synergies and supporting exciting initiatives related to the Internet of Things, as well as digitisation and marine innovations.

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We will invest 35 million euros in innovative energy transition projects for the port platform." Jacques Vandermeiren

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Transition to a Multi-Fuel Port

Port of Antwerp is one of the largest bunkering ports in the world, with an estimated 5 million metric tonnes of conventional fuels bunkered yearly. It therefore has an important role to play in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy for shipping.

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Take a look at the port of the future

Look into the port of the future, this 360 movie teases you of what the port of tomorrow will look like. Read more about all innovations in the Port of Antwerp such as the echodrone, hydroturbine or iNoses


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The Beacon

The Beacon is the result of a collaboration agreement Capital of Things between the City and University of Antwerp, IMEC and Agoria. Some of the Port of Antwerp staff will have a permanent pitch at The Beacon so that strong products and brands can be developed for industry, logistics and smart cities.


All of the parties in the logistics chain have information that they can exchange with each other. Yet the way that data is shared can be better, more transparent and easier. That’s what NxtPort is all about: making the exchange of data between the various players in the port faster, clearer and more efficient.


PortXL is a start-up accelerator, a global hub for entrepreneurs in the logistics, maritime and energy sector. In other words, PortXL puts maritime start-ups in contact with companies at the port.