The Port of Antwerp has been the engine of the economy since the Middle Ages. In those days it was traders in small boats bringing products to Antwerp's warehouses, now the world's biggest container vessels ensure we are able to enjoy everyday (luxury) products.

The Port of Antwerp has developed into the ideal gateway to Europe and is considered by shipping companies and manufacturers as a reliable link in world trade. This role of international port generates a lot of employment and added value. In all, approximately 150,000 people work in the Port of Antwerp and jointly they provide an added value of about 18 billion euros. To further strengthen this position of economic centre of growth, the Port of Antwerp wants to set itself apart as a multifunctional port. The port clusters countless maritime, logistics and industrial companies which attract a lot of cargo.

The port community invests heavily in further developing its economic activities such as nautical accessibility, a modern infrastructure with sufficient capacity for freight handling, a higher productivity and multimodal access to the European hinterland. In this way Antwerp wants to continue playing a leading role in world trade and develop into Europe's main ‘general cargo’ port.