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Month Subject  
February 2016 Double record for port of Antwerp Read newsletter
March 2016 New player in reefer storage Read newsletter
April 2016 Port Authority seeks “circular economy” for Churchill Industrial Zone Read newsletter
May 2016 Inauguration of the Kieldrecht lock Read newsletter
June 2016 Successful Breakbulk Europe Read newsletter
Summer 2016 Heading for a new record year - year in review 2015 Read newsletter
September 2016    Chemical sector in Antwerp forging ahead Read newsletter
October 2016 Impressive project cargoes for petrochemical cluser Read newsletter
November 2016 Massive private investments in the Port of Antwerp Read newsletter
December 2016    CEO Eddy Bruyninckx says goodbye to 2016 at the end of a distinguished career Read newsletter
January 2017 New Year greetings from CEO Jacques Vandermeiren Read newsletter
February 2017 Container terminals accessible day and night Read newsletter
March 2017 Port of Antwerp gets biggest malt plant in the world Read newsletter
April 2017 Largest European butane tank in Antwerp Read newsletter
May 2017 Pharma logistics services expanding strongly in Antwerp Read newsletter
June 2017 Call by Madrid Maersk sets new record Read newsletter
July 2017 Port of Antwerp International invests in Brazilian Port of Açu Read newsletter
September 2017 Multimillion investments by petrochemical giants Read newsletter
October 2017 Port of Antwerp in full sustainable transition Read newsletter
November 2017 Port Authority acquires NMP pipeline company Read newsletter
December 2017 The port of Antwerp wishes you a happy 2018! Read newsletter
January 2018 Port of Antwerp scores 5th record year in a row Read newsletter
February 2018 First ever International Maritime Charter for sustainable ports worldwide Read newsletter
March 2018 ChainPORT hackathon: world ports focus on digital logistics and innovation Read newsletter
April 2018 Best quarter ever for port of Antwerp Read newsletter
May 2018 Discover the Antwerp Port Authority's ambitions Read newsletter
June 2018 Port seeks to double rail volume with Railport Antwerp Read newsletter
August 2018 Come and marvel at the port of the future Read newsletter
September 2018 Port of Antwerp continues to attract investment Read newsletter
October 2018 Mega-investment by Borealis creates excellent chemistry vibe @EPCA Read newsletter
November 2018 CIO of the year & new chemical investments Read newsletter