Red Star Line

In the Red Star Line Museum visitors can follow in the footsteps of the many emigrants who embarked here for a new life in the New World.

Between 1873 and 1934 the legendary Red Star Line carried more than two million passengers from Antwerp to the USA and Canada. The vast majority of them were emigrants from all over Europe who went in search of the “American dream.” After being deloused the passengers had to undergo a medical examination and have their papers checked before being packed on board for the crossing of up to a week on the way to a new but frequently uncertain future.

For a very large number of European migrants the crossing to the USA or Canada started in the Red Star terminal in Antwerp. It was here on the Rhine quay, just before the bend of the Scheldt, that the would-be emigrants embarked. And it was here in 1894 that the Red Star Line terminal was built. The old buildings have now been renovated and converted into a museum, vividly recalling the emotions of these times and making the past visible and tangible. And yet the Red Star Line Museum is not buried in the past: migration is a constant throughout history and continues to this day, certainly in a port city such as Antwerp.  The Antwerp of tomorrow is being built by the people who work there today. The Red Star Line Museum teaches us to see the world of today from a new perspective.


Red Star Line Museum
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