Cargo transport by road

Port of Antwerp is surrounded by international motorways that lead directly to the European hinterland. 60% of the European consumption centres are located within a 500km radius of Antwerp. Its central location in the heart of Europe makes Antwerp a cost-efficient choice for getting goods to the end customer.

Services for road hauliers 

Port of Antwerp - Wegtransport

Port of Antwerp, along with all parties involved, aims for optimum use of the existing road capacity.


By constantly taking policy and commercial initiatives, the port of Antwerp offers optimum connectivity to the port and smooth mobility in and around the port.

Night logistics: container terminals open day and night

The purpose of opening the terminals at night is to achieve a better spread of transport throughout the day. Bringing forward the terminals' opening hours ensures faster delivery times for road hauliers.


All the large container terminals, including MPET, DP World and PSA, are continuously open from Monday 5am to Saturday 5am.


Port of Antwerp - Terminals met Nachtlogistiek


The further expansion of night logistics is one of the solutions for coping with peaks in container transport at terminals and by road. Port of Antwerp also encourages parties in the hinterland to introduce night-time opening and make maximum use of the opportunities created in the port area. Carriers can participate in this by informing their clients of the night-time offering.

Infrastructure projects help move road transport forward

Investments in infrastructure are essential for ensuring a safe and accessible port.


Port of Antwerp, City of Antwerp and the Roads and Traffic Agency are therefore continuously improving the important access routes to and within the port. 

Port of antwerp - infrastructuurprojecten helpen wegtransport vooruit

The construction of the Oosterweel Link is part of a broader mobility plan by the Flemish Government for the Antwerp region: the Routeplan2030. Among other things, this improves the accessibility of the city, the port and the broad region around Antwerp.


Continuously ensuring an accessible and safe port is not an easy task. Investments in infrastructure are essential for this.


The Port Authority, the City of Antwerp and the Roads and Traffic Agency are therefore constantly making improvements to important access routes to and in the port.

Overview of roadworks at the port of Antwerp

Truck parkings and exceptional transport

Port of Antwerp vrachtwagenparking

Where can you find truck parkings?

Port of Antwerp is constructing additional truck parking areas at strategic locations in the port area, on both the Left and Right Banks.


This will allow truck drivers to take their breaks safely.

Goordijk truck parking area (Noorderlaan 626)


  • The Goordijk truck park offers 210 spaces for trucks and the extent of its facilities will be updated.
  • Surface area of 50,000m²
  • Sanitary complex with showers
  • Indication of the occupancy rate and camera surveillance
  • LED lighting
  • Fire extinguishing facilities
  • Extensive WiFi facilities
  • Practical info on accessibility:
    • GPS co-ordinates: 51° 17'12,35" N, 4° 23'04,79" O; (at Antwerpen-Noord marshalling yard – view on Google Maps)
  • Free entry

Planned truck parking area on Ketenislaan (Left Bank)


  • operational by spring 2022
  • 370 spaces for trucks
  • Facilities such as sanitary, showers, WiFi, water supply, fence, camera network, etc.
  • Aimed at the port users.
  • Indication of the occupancy rate.
  • Parking ban in the area to avoid unwanted parking

Exceptional transport

Exceptional transport and transport with specific port vehicles is indispensable at a large port. These might be mobile cranes, fork and lift trucks or straddle carriers. This kind of transport uses the public highway on a regular basis. 

Port of Antwerp introduced an area-wide port traffic ordinance with uniform regulations for Left Bank and Right Bank. The adapted traffic scheme will ensure smooth goods traffic through the port between terminals, warehouses, etc. This scheme has been approved by the Flemish Government and will start in April 2021. 

Port of Antwerp - Uitzonderlijk verkeersregelinge


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