Roadworks in the port

The port's accessibility is important to companies, customers and employees. To optimise this accessibility, roadworks are planned over the coming months in and around the port area which may cause some disruption in the short term. Here we present a list of the main projects, to help you reduce the impact on goods transport and commuter traffic.

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List of roadworks in the port area.

Attention! the websites containing more info on the roadworks are referred to in the links below yet are only available in Dutch.


Vosseschijnstraat: 14 October – 20 December

Period: 14 October – 20 December

  • Phase 1

    Period: 14 October – 6 November

    Diversion: Works between the crossroads of Vosseschijnstraat with Mulhouselaan-Noord and with Boterhamvaartweg. One lane in each direction, speed limit of 50 km/h.


  • Phase 2

    Period: 7 November – 20 December

    Diversion: Works between the crossroads of Vosseschijnstraat with Boterhamvaartweg and with Groenendaallaan. One lane in each direction, speed limit of 50 km/h.


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Noorderlaan near Texaco servicestation: 16 September – 17 November

Project: Resurfacing works on Noorderlaan (N180).

Period: 16 September – 17 November

Diversion: Northbound traffic on 1 lane. Diversion for southbound traffic via A12. Treurenborg temporarily limited to one-way traffic in the direction from Noorderlaan to Zomerweg.


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Noorderlaan near Ekeren: 18-21 October

Project: Resurfacing works on Noorderlaan (N180).

Period: 18-21 October

Diversion: Noorderlaan closed for southbound traffic from ca. 250m past Malagastraat until ca. 150m before Ekersesteenweg from 22.00 on Friday until 05.00 on Monday. Diversion via Vosseschijnstraat and Korte Wielenstraat. A map is available via this link (at the bottom of the page):


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Antwerpsebaan - Nieuwe Westweg 4 November – 1 December

Project: Combined road works near and on crossroads Antwerpsebaan with Nieuwe Westweg.

Period: 4 November – 1 December

Diversion: Temporary traffic lights and narrowed lanes.


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Diversion for destinations “Haven 73, 75, …123”, 16 November – 9 December

Project: Works at railcrossing on Schenkeldijk near Oosterweelsteenweg.

Period: 16 November – 9 December

Diversion: Road completely blocked.

Traffic from Oosterweelsteenweg with destinations “Haven 73, 75, …123” via Lichterweg.


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Other wharfs in Antwerp

Some major roadworks are also planned in the city of Antwerp and on the access roads to the port.

Download the map of the Antwerp city wharfs


Up-to-date info (via tweets) about roadworks, temporary traffic disruption and traffic information for Antwerp and the port (source: Twitter):