Roadworks in the port

The port's accessibility is important to companies, customers and employees. To optimise this accessibility, roadworks are planned over the coming months in and around the port area which may cause some disruption in the short term. Here we present a list of the main projects, to help you reduce the impact on goods transport and commuter traffic.

List of roadworks in the port area


Attention! The websites containing more info on the roadworks are referred to in the links below yet are only available in Dutch.


Antwerpsebaan between Kruisweg and Blauwhoefstraat

Works are carried out on a gas pipeline on Antwerpsebaan. Works run from 17 Augustus until 23 October. Antwerpsebaan will be a one-way street between the intersections with Kruisweg (N180) en Blauwhoefstraat. Traffic from west to east is allowed. Traffic in the other direction uses a deviation via Kruisweg (N180).

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Resurfacing of Noorderlaan between Luithagen and Oosterweelsteenweg

Resurfacing works are carried out on Noorderlaan (N180) between the intersections with Luithagen-Haven and Oosterweelsteenweg. Only the lanes for traffic driving North are impacted.

Works start on 21 August at 19.00h and will continue throughout the weekend.

Diversion: via Korte Wielenstraat, Vosseschijnstraat and Oosterweelsteenweg. Coming from motorway A12, complex 16 (Ekeren) it will be impossible to join Noorderlaan going North.

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Works on intersection of Scheldelaan with Kruisschansweg

Works are carried out from 17 Augustus until 18 September on the intersection of Scheldelaan (N101) with Kruisschansweg.

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Next phase of renovation Noorderlaan

Major renovation works are carried out on Noorderlaan (N180) between the intersections with Zomerweg and Rostockweg.

Period: 17 August until 30 October

Diversions: Traffic going North can continue to use Noorderlaan. Traffic going South is diverte via motorway A12. A local diversion will be signposted for cyclist and local traffic.

More info:

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Works on Antwerpsebaan

Works are carried out on Antwerpsebaan (N180) near the intersection with Stabroeksebaan (N111) from 10 August until 4 September. A reduced number of lanes will be available for traffic driving South.

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Major roadworks on motorways in August

Works on the Oosterweel project which are expected to cause major traffic disturbances are taking place:

  • 7-10 August
  • 12-20 August
  • 21-24 August

More info (in Dutch) on

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Traffic disruption on the Scheldelaan

  • In the direction of Antwerp, the right lane in the bend at Fort St-Filips is reserved for traffic to and from the construction site until the end of September. Maximum speed is reduced to 50 km/h.
  • Fluxys works on Scheldelaan (N101) next to Total. Right lane is not available for traffic driving North.

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Regular maintenance works in Liefkenshoektunnel.

Project: From this year on, a new system is used for regular maintenance works.


Diversion: When maintenance works are carried out, no traffic in the direction of Ghent will be allowed on Thursday night (21.00-05.00), while on Friday night no traffic will be allowed in the direction of the Netherlands.


Period: All dates for 2020 can be found on the Liefkenshoektunnel website

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Delays possible at Berendrecht and Zandvliet Lock as of 4 November

Project: With Lillo bridge out of order, more cargo trains will cross Berendrecht en Zandvliet lock. This means that other road traffic may face longer waiting times when using the bridges of this lock complex as of 4 November, 10 AM.


Period: As of 4 November


Diversion: Delays can be avoided by using the right motorway entry/exit. For destinations north of the locks, use exit 11 Zandvliet on the A12 and for destinations south of the locks, use exit 12 Lillo on the R2.

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Boudewijn bridge unavailable for a long time

Project: The bridge is unavailable for safety reasons. It will be replaced with a new bridge in 2020. Boudewijn bridge is the bridge on the dock-side of Boudewijn lock.


Period: until the end of 2020


Diversion: Trucks are advised to avoid the lock complex Boudewijn-Van Cauwelaert. Destinations on Scheldelaan North of the complex can be reached via A12 en R2, exit 16 Lillo; destinations South of the complex via A12, exit 16 Ekeren and Oosterweelsteenweg.

Cars (max. height 2.70m) kan pass over the lock doors in case the Meestoof bridge is open for ships.

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Berendrecht bridge unavailable

Project: Berendrecht bridge is out of order due to an incident. This is the bridge on the dockside of Berendrecht Lock.


Period: As of 18 December


Diversion: Trucks are advised to avoid the lock complex Berendrecht-Zandvliet. Destinations North of this complex can be reached via A12 (exit 11 Zandvliet), destinations on Scheldelaan South of the complex via A12 (exit 12 Lillo).

Cars (< 3.5 tonnes) can pass over the lock doors in case Oudendijk bridge is open for ships.

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Traffic disruptions by works on high voltage network as of 12 January

Project: Elia constructs new high voltage power lines.


In the port itself

  • Blauwhoefstraat can only be reached via Antwerpsebaan (and not via Noorderlaan) from 27 July until 18 September.
  • Noorderlaan will be completely closed at the intersection with Blauwhoefstraat on 1-2 August and 5-6 September. Traffic is diverted via A12.

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Works on Siberiastraat as of 27 February

Project: Aquafin builds a water lift station.


Period: 6 months


Diversion: Only 1 lane in each direction is available between Siberia Bridge and the junction to Lefebvrebrug (Royers Lock). Cyclist can pass the works on a separate lane.

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New situation at Berendrecht Lock from 3 June

Project: Berendrecht bridge is out of order. When Oudendijk Bridge is vertical to allow ships to pass, vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes can use the lock door to cross the lock.


Heavy vehicles have to wait until Oudendijk bridge is horizontal again. As of 3 June, measures will be in place tot prevent queuing trucks on Scheldelaan (South of Berendrecht lock) from blocking the road for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes on their way to the lock door and for traffic destined for the containerterminal of PSA K869.


Through traffic of trucks takes the left lane, traffic to PSA K869 takes the right lane. Traffic up to 3.5 tonnes takes the left lane (through traffic) when Oudendijk bridge is available, or takes the right lane to the lock door when the bridge is not available. Routes are signposted.


Period: from 3 June

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Other wharves in Antwerp

Some major roadworks are also planned in the city of Antwerp and on the access roads to the port.

Download the map of the Antwerp city wharfs


Up-to-date info (via tweets) about roadworks, temporary traffic disruption and traffic information for Antwerp and the port (source: Twitter):