Roadworks in the port

The port's accessibility is important to companies, customers and employees. To optimise this accessibility, roadworks are planned over the coming months in and around the port area which may cause some disruption in the short term. Here we present a list of the main projects, to help you reduce the impact on goods transport and commuter traffic.

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List of roadworks in the port area.

Attention! the websites containing more info on the roadworks are referred to in the links below yet are only available in Dutch.

Roadworks on the Scheldelaan between Lillo and Zandvliet


Project: Construction of new high-voltage wiring under the Scheldelaan (Elia Brabo-project& renovation of entire road surface on the Scheldelaan between Lillo and Zandvliet (Roads and Traffic Agency). 

Period: 1 March 2017 - 31 September 2018.

Wharf zone: Scheldelaan heading towards the Netherlands between the North Sea Terminal and the Lillo interchange - traffic running in one direction only (towards Antwerp).

More info on the roadworks (website in Dutch)

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Roadworks for the Northern Line project (Noorderlaan/Leien)

Northern Line project (Brabo 2)


Project: Connecting the North of Antwerp in different phases by dding a tram connection and redeveloping a number of important traffic hubs in the city. The aim of these impactfull roadworks is improving road use and safety for other road users, pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

The roadworks on the Northern Line will take place on 3 areas in the city: North Leien area, in the Eilandje neighbourhood and on the Noorderlaan. The traffic in the Port of Antwerp will be most affected by the roadworks on the Noorderlaan. Access via the Leien will be temporarily cut off, traffic will have to follow local detours.

Period: March 2016 - July 2019

More info on the Northern Line project (website in Dutch)

View an up-to-date list of the roadworks (website in Dutch)

Download accessibility maps for the roadworks (website in Dutch) 

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Resurfacing work on Noorderlaan: Leien boulevards closed - Port traffic to avoid Exit 1 Merksem


Project: resurfacing of Operaplein square and F. Rooseveltplaats square, construction of a new underground car park and a new car tunnel.

Impact on traffic in the port: The roadworks are extensive and will affect the accessibility of the port. Additional traffic will have to take alternative routes, such as the Ring and Singel roads. The Merksem interchange is liable to be particularly busy, and so traffic to and from the southern part of the port area is advised to go via the Ekeren interchange instead.

Period of the work on the Leien: 5 June 2017 - December 2018.

Period of the work on Fr. Rooseveltplaats:  5 June 2017 - June 2019. The work will be carried out in 4 phases so as to affect public transport as little as possible. 


  • HAVEN 47-426 (pink zone on map): Traffic for this area in the port (south) should avoid exit Merksem (Exit 1 Ring Antwerpen) and ideally takes Exit 16 Ekeren on the A12 highway.
  • HAVEN 427-601 (green zone on map): Traffic for this area in the port (middle) ideally takes exits Kanaaldok B1-B2 (Exit 13 on R2 highway) or Lillo (Exit 12 on R2 highway).
  • HAVEN 602-999 (blue zone on map): Traffic for this area in the port (north) ideally uses the Stabroek Interchange (Exit 13 on A12 highway) to reach the even numbers or the Zandvliet Interchange (Exit 11 on A12) for the odd numbers.

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Resurfacing of the Mexicostraat-Straatsburg dock intersection near the Port House


Project: Resurfacing of the crossing is necessary in order to construct the tram terminus (the line from the Eilandje via Kattendijk dock-Oostkaai and Mexicostraat to the new Port House, as a continuation of the Noorder line) on the site between the Merantistraat and the Straatsburg bridge.

Period: 19 February - September 2018 

Impact: traffic will still be possible, although over the Straatsburg bridge it will be reduced to fewer lanes (two instead of four).

The work will be carried out in four phases:

  • 19 February: start of preparatory work on the site of the future turnaround loop (tram terminus, no impact on traffic).
  • 26 February: Merantistraat will become one-way and will only be accessible from the Straatsburg bridge, so that it will no longer possible to drive out. The Noorderlijn will introduce a one-way loop in order to permit safe deliveries to companies in Mexicostraat and Houtdok-Oostkaai. It will then no longer be possible to enter Houtdok-Oostkaai from Mexicostraat, as Houtdok-Oostkaai will also be one-way. This loop will remain in effect until the work of resurfacing the intersection has been completed. Traffic bound for the Port House or Kattendijk dock-Oostkaai will however be able to enter Mexicostraat from the intersection with the Straatsburg bridge.
  • 5 March: preparatory work will start on the intersection itself, with some traffic islands being removed on the Mexicostraat side and a temporary lane being introduced.
  • 19 March: work will extend to the lane in the direction of the Siberia bridge. Traffic will remain possible, with the Noorderlijn permitting one lane in either direction. More info on this phase will follow later.

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Temporary delays at the Ekeren entrance to the A12 in the direction of the Netherlands at Schoonbroek-Dragonderstraat

Noise barriers Ekeren

Project: extension of the existing noise barriers along the A12 in Ekeren as far as the Transcontinental bridge.

Period: 1 October - 20 December 2018.


Diversion: traffic for the Transcontinental bridge will be single-lane on the Ekeren entrance (16) to the A12 in the direction of the Netherlands.

More info about the road works (website in Dutch)

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Temporary delays at the Berendecht and Zandvliet locks due to replacement of the bridge locking mechanisms

Project: replacement of the locking mechanisms of the two western bridges at the Berendrecht and Zandvliet locks. This will have an impact on the traffic situation on the Scheldelaan (N101).

Diversion: only one of the two crossings over the locks will be available, except when a vessel is passing one of the two bridges in which case the bridges at both ends of the lock will be open and traffic will have to stop.

Cars and light vans (below 3.5 tonnes): will still be able to cross over the lock gates.

Trucks (over 3.5 tonnes): temporary diversion via the A12.

Period: 1 March - 31 May 2019

More information will follow. 

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Resurfacing Noorderlaan between Goteborgweg and Treurenborg crossroads


Project: after the complete renovation of the Scheldelaan, Agentschap Wegen & Verkeer (AWV) will resurface the section of the Noorderlaan between the crossings with the Goteborgweg and the Treurenborg. 

Period: 10 September - 16 November 2018 (after completion of the work on the Scheldelaan, planned for April 2018).

More info (website in Dutch)

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Other wharfs in Antwerp

Some major roadworks are also planned in the city of Antwerp and on the access roads to the port.

Download the map of the Antwerp city wharfs


Up-to-date info (via tweets) about roadworks, temporary traffic disruption and traffic information for Antwerp and the port (source: Twitter):