Scheldt Left Bank Corporation

The Scheldt Left Bank Corporation is responsible for the land policy in the port area on the left bank of the Scheldt and the industrialisation policy within this port area. It also draws up the subregional policy for the further development and phasing of this port area.

The Corporation for the port policy and the industrial estate policy for the Left Bank of the Scheldt, or the Scheldt Left Bank Corporation in short, has managed the land policy of the Waasland port since 1982. The main activities are preparing land for construction, granting concessions to companies, expropriations and advising the authorities on the expansion of the port area. The port area on the Left Bank covers approximately 7,000 hectares. More than 900 hectares has already been granted in concession to companies. This obviously creates a lot of jobs. Towards the end of 2012, the Waasland port employed 14,877 people (FTE).

The shareholders of the Scheldt Left Bank Corporation are the Intermunicipal Joint venture of the Land van Waas (Interwaas), the Antwerp Port Authority, the municipalities of Beveren and Zwijndrecht and the Flemish Region.

Scheldt Left Bank Corporation
Sint-Paulusplein 27
9120 Kallo
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