Services and facilities for investors and concession holders

The Department of Property Management offers a range of services to advise and guide companies who want to invest in the port through its Investment unit. It wants to develop the port within its three strategic pillars – port activities, industry and logistics – into a vital, efficient, sustainable and supported port. The Investment unit specifically targets a number of focus sectors such as the chemical and logistics sector. Together with the investor we look for bespoke solutions to valorise the investment potential as much as possible. Below is a list of the provided services.

Providing tax advice

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The Investment unit gives potential investors a clear answer to a number of tax issues such as:

  • available subsidies
  • applicable taxes and levies 
  • reduction of the tax burden, e.g. via notional deduction of interest or rulings.

Giving advice regarding available space

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The Investment unit helps potential investors in their search for available space, both inside and outside the port area. To play this role, the Investment unit has reached agreements with all the relevant partners for this. The Investment unit acts as a single point of contact, which simplifies the search for available space for potential investors.

Advice relating to permits

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Potential investors and concession holders receive information and guidance from the Investment unit regarding the concessions related to their investment. If necessary, potential investors and concession holders are referred elsewhere.

The Port one-stop shop, a partnership between the Antwerp Port Authority and the city of Antwerp, is the first point of contact, as well as the spatial planning departments of the municipalities of Beveren and Zwijndrecht.

Port one-stop shop for environment and urban development permits

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The Port one-stop shop is where you go with questions about environment and urban development permits for projects in the Antwerp port area on the right bank.

Guidance in the application of SHEQ regulations

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Potential investors are assisted by the Investment unit regarding the application of regulations relating to safety, heath, environment and quality, the so-called SHEQ regulations.

Providing insights into the available labour potential and the conditions

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The unit makes the labour potential in the port more understandable for future investors. Investors are given an overview of the employment conditions and costs in Flanders, the social climate, the possibilities for expats (housing, taxes, education, residence and working permits) and the operation of staffing and recruitment.

Active assignment policy

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The Port Authority implements an active assignment policy relating to energy projects. Some examples:

  • PV-installations
  • Wind projects (via Vleemo-W@S)
  • Biogas installations

Energy fund

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The Port Authority reinvests its part of the proceeds of wind energy-projects in the port via the energy fund. The fund facilitates low-energy investments and the co-financing of innovative energy concepts in the port area. The Port Authority wants to assist non-energy intensive companies as much as possible to implement energy-efficiency schemes in their business management.

For instance, the Energy fund allows companies to receive a financial subsidy and/or support to conduct energy audits, draw up strategic energy plans or work out detailed illumination studies. A steering committee, comprising representatives of the port community and experts, evaluates the project proposals.

Helping build the appropriate network

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In addition to these services the Investment unit can also help to bring them into contact with possible customers, suppliers and partners in order to develop a useful network. 

Simply contact the Investment unit (see contact details below) to discuss the opportunities for your project.


Department of Property Management

00 32 3 205 2292

Antwerp Port Authority
Port House
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