Antwerp offers weekly fixed shortsea and feeder services from and to 200 destinations in Europe and North Africa. Reliable, flexible and extensive services are what it takes, so that each day cargo reaches its final shortsea destination “just-in-time”.

Extensive network of feeder services

Thanks to its excellent maritime strengths, the Port of Antwerp has drawn the most diverse deepsea cargo for centuries. 300 Liner services connect Antwerp to almost 1.000 deep sea locations worldwide. Besides the extensive offer of fixed deepsea connections with direct destinations such as South America, North America, Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, south-East Asia and the Far East, the Port of Antwerp has also built up an extensive network of shortsea and feeder services.

Sustainable, reliable and rapid shortsea and feeder services

Compared to traditional road transport, shortsea can yield significant cost savings. Congestion on the road and long waiting periods are avoided. Shortsea has a greater transport capacity than road haulage which considerably reduces the cost.

The Port of Antwerp is 80 km more inland than the other European ports in the Hamburg-Le Havre-range. This means vessels are able to load or discharge their shortsea cargo closer to the largest consumption and production centres. Antwerp is Europe’s principal shortsea port for door-to-door transport. 

Shortsea is also an environmentally friendly alternative that fits in the port's sustainable policy. Cost cuts and more sustainability can thus go hand in hand. With European support we want to encourage the modal shift from road transport to shortsea in Antwerp.
In terms of infrastructure this modal shift is also a priority in view of the increasing attention for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) as fuel in the international maritime world. Port of Antwerp invests in sustainability and environmental friendly solutions. Vessels with a high ESI (Environmental Ship Index) & LNG propelled vessels can receive favorable port dues.

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The Port of Antwerp also offers very rapid and reliable shortsea and feeder services with extremely short transit times. This is amongst others thanks to the high productivity of the Antwerp terminals and the efficient operation of intra-port traffic.

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Flexible and service-minded

Antwerp providers of maritime and logistics services are known for their service-mindedness and expertise. The Port of Antwerp Connectivity Platform contains  the shipping companies that come to Antwerp.

To make the services as simple and flexible as possible, the port launched a number of important initiatives:

  • The Blue Belt project, an initiative through which the European Commission wants to promote shortsea traffic through Europe.
  • The Antwerp Port Community System (APCS) which with an extensive range of electronic services provides a one-stop shop service.

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Important destinations

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Shipping Lines Manager
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Coördinator Business Development
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