Cargo transport via shortsea

Antwerp offers weekly fixed shortsea and feeder services from and to 200 destinations in Europe, North Africa and the United Kingdom. This means that users can be certain that their just-in-time goods will reach their final destination on time. The ideal solution to Brexit!

Extensive network of feeder services

Port of Antwerp - Shortsea netwerk feederdiensten

The port of Antwerp has attracted the most diverse range of deepsea cargo for centuries now and no fewer than 300 liner services connect Antwerp to around 1300 deepsea destinations worldwide, including the most important ports on all trading lanes. 


Thanks to that wealth of destinations, the port of Antwerp also provides an extensive network of shortsea and feeder services.


Sustainable and cost-efficient shortsea services

Shortsea services can provide cost savings compared to transport by road.


Shortsea has a greater transport capacity than road haulage and so considerably reduces the cost per unit load.

Port of Antwerp - Duurzame feederdiensten

The port of Antwerp is situated 80 km inland. This means that vessels are able to load or unload their shortsea cargo closer to the major centres of consumption and production.


Shortsea is also an environmentally-friendly alternative that aligns perfectly with the Port's sustainable development policy. Port of Antwerp is investing in environmentally-friendly solutions and also offers favourable port dues to vessels powered by LNG and vessels with a high ESI (Environmental Ship Index).

Shortsea as a solution to Brexit

Port of Antwerp - Shortsea als antwoord op Brexit

Brexit. For anyone shipping goods to and from the United Kingdom, the word Brexit has caused quite a few headaches.


Port of Antwerp offers shippers and freight forwarders in the United Kingdom and Europe a sustainable and reliable alternative to road transport.

Thanks to an expansion of the Port of Antwerp shortsea network serving the markets in the United Kingdom and Ireland, we can guarantee that cargo will reach their overseas destination just-in-time, day in day out.

Expanded shortsea offer for the UK & Ireland

Discover all of the shortsea services to the United Kingdom and Ireland from Port of Antwerp.

Discover all of the shortsea services

Fast transit times

The port of Antwerp offers shortsea and feeder services with extremely short transit times.


Amongst other things, this is due to the Antwerp terminals' high productivity rate when loading and unloading, as well as to the efficient operation of intra-port traffic.

Port of Antwerp - Snelle transittijden

Flexible and service-minded: find your connection

Port of Antwerp - Flexibiliteit en service

The Antwerp providers of maritime and logistics services are known for their expertise and service-minded approach.


The shipping companies calling at Antwerp have been integrated within the online tool known as the Port of Antwerp Connectivity Platform. 


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