Value added services

The Port of Antwerp has the most extensive offer of logistics services such as storage, packaging, testing, cleaning, cutting, weighing, sorting, processing, labelling and maturing. All types of freight are tailored to the local market needs for the customer at the port, thus avoiding unnecessary transport and operations and reducing costs. Experienced professionals provide the perfect services to ensure all goods are delivered to the end customer under the most favourable circumstances.

Storage capacity

The largest covered storage space of Western Europe is in Antwerp. In this total area of 6.1 million m², you'll find the most diverse logistics activities ranging from storage and a wide range of value added services to distribution services.

Almost all warehouses and terminals can function as bonded warehouses.

Value added services

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Some 900 logistics companies in the port offer many services creating an added value that is quite unique:

  • loading and unloading,
  • storage and distribution of cargo,
  • dealing with customs and phytosanitary procedures,
  • fiscal representation,
  • stock management,
  • tailor-made services for your cargo: controlling, packaging, cutting, weighing, sorting, labeling, processing, ... of all types of cargo.

Providing customised solutions is key to these companies. Their can-do mentality is renowned worldwide, always looking for the logistic solution that best fits the customer's supply chain needs. Most of the logistics companies in Antwerp have the AEO-full certificate, enabling a more efficient cargo flow. All logistics activities are IT supported to guarantee the quality as well as the visibility of the supply chain. 

Biggest port in the world for tobacco

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The port of Antwerp is the world's biggest tobacco storage centre. Apart from the added value services such as supply management, weighing, sorting, sampling, risk control and considerable sanitary checks, the service providers offer far-reaching innovative techniques such as Integrated Pest Management, inspection zones with adjustable light installations and professional humidity measurement installations for tobacco samples.


European coffee stock

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Antwerp is where almost half the European stock of raw coffee is stored. The coffee is made available to roasting houses, traders and futures markets. Again, a lot of added value services are offered: bulking, bagging, re-palletising, foil protecting, pre-blending, pre-cleaning and transport. The warehouses are certified for the futures markets in London (LIFFE Robusta) and New York (NYBOT Arabica).

Ultramodern fruit handling

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Antwerp has the most automated fruit terminal in the world. Every year 600,000 tonnes of fruit is handled. The pallets are put on a network of conveyor belts which transport the fruit to the storage areas. Following quality control, the fruit is automatically taken from the storage areas and transferred to the loading zones for transport.




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Antwerp is not only Europe's biggest steel port, it also houses different dedicated steel centers. On different production lines, hot-rolled steel rolls of the coil and is cut to size. Depending on the customer's wishes, the cut steel is packaged and labelled. This allows a very cost efficient transport of steel products.

Packaging and consolidation of project cargo

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The main project cargo port of Europe, companies in the Port of Antwerp provide added value through the consolidation, handling, packaging and forwarding of project cargo from all over Europe. Services such as document management, storage in the bonded warehouse, customs handling, loading and transport, and the management of turnkey projects provide integrated logistics support.


Vehicle Processing Centres

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Car terminals in the port are equipped with Vehicle Processing Centres. On arrival, new cars are cleaned, the paraffin or copolymer layer is removed, accessories are added, the cars are inspected and manuals provided. Small repairs are also carried out in accordance with the OEM quality standard, using spectrometry and UV technology.

Consolidation hub for plastic granulates

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Thanks to the strong presence of chemical companies, the port offers an extensive platform for the storage and distribution of granulates and powders to make PET bottles. The port area on the Left Bank has more than 1000 silos. Granulates and powders are packaged in bags on demand or delivered in bulk in tank lorries


Quality malt production

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Antwerp houses Europe's second biggest malt factory with Boortmalt. A barley to malt process is very meticulous. Liquid and heat need to be very carefully managed. The Boortmalt business model is renowned for delivering a high quality production, as well as being responsible for the handling, storage and quality control of the malt of other companies.

Certified for health products

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Service providers in the port with a “good distribution practice” certificate are certified for the storage of health products. In addition to this good distribution practice for storage, they also have the necessary licences to package health products. A qualitative treatment of health products in the Port of Antwerp is guaranteed at all times.


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