Strong together: community building

Working together is the buzzword for the future. Think about transparent data exchange, finding synergies and supporting exciting initiatives related to the Internet of Things, as well as digitisation and marine innovations.


The Beacon: hotbed for creative minds and innovative ideas

The Beacon brings together major technology providers in IoT, flexible start-ups and scale-ups and leading researchers at a single location. The Port of Antwerp is also investing in The Beacon, both financially and in terms of people.


The Beacon is the result of a collaboration agreement Capital of Things between the City and University of Antwerp, IMEC and Agoria.


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The port is a combination of logistics services. Every day goods and cargoes have to be carried as fast as possible from the inside of a ship to the quayside, or from a wharf to the hold of an oceangoing ship. But how does a truck driver or inland waterway operator know when he (or she) can pick up a particular container?


All of the parties in the logistics chain have information that they can exchange with each other. Yet the way that data is shared can be better, more transparent and easier.


That’s what NxtPort is all about: making the exchange of data between the various players in the port faster, clearer and more efficient. NxtPort uses a data platform that assumes that everyone is working together and provides smart logistics. That way, everyone gets the right information at the right time.


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PortXL is a start-up accelerator, a global hub for entrepreneurs in the logistics, maritime and energy sector. In other words, PortXL puts maritime start-ups in contact with companies at the port.


This is done through a programme using mentors and the Port of Antwerp is also involved with PortXL. As part of the Harbour of Things, PortXL International in Antwerp is working on scouting, matching and supporting businesses in the accelerated development of maritime and port-related start-ups. In this way, the Port of Antwerp aims to introduce innovative technologies on to the port platform faster than ever before. Six start-ups convinced representatives from DEME, MSC and Port of Antwerp after an intensive day of pitching and conversations, proving their potential for closing pilot projects:


  • Esoptra
  • Behind the Buttons
  • Xetal NV
  • Enervalis
  • Waylay NV


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