Supply chain solutions

The port of Antwerp is not just a transport partner. By continuously adapting ourselves to customer requirements, we can achieve better and better results: faster distribution, more intelligent logistics, smoother customs handling, greener activities and more transparent processes. That means standing still is not an option – we have to keep moving!

Connections and distribution


 A fast and efficient distribution network is needed for the import and export of goods. We will find the ideal solution for you, precisely tailored to your cargo. Deepsea, shortsea, feeder, inland navigation, road, rail, pipeline, ... or a combination of all these means of transport. All of this is possible via the port of Antwerp.


The Port of Antwerp Intermodal Solutions unit is working on the continual improvement of intermodal services and connections with the hinterland.


Where do you want to ship to?

An extensive network of roads, railways, inland navigation, pipelines and shortsea ensures maximum and flexible connection with the rest of Europe. In addition, our port has a large number of maritime connections with destinations around the globe.


The online tool Connectivity Platform is the access portal for looking up information on the port's maritime and intermodal solutions.

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Transporting your goods

The port of Antwerp has excellent infrastructure for receiving all kinds of transports and goods. No other port is more centrally located in Europe than Antwerp.


That makes transporting goods to consumers easier, more sustainable and more efficient.

Discover all the modes of transport


Our central location contributes to an active presence in the European motorway of international supply chains. "Extended gateways" in all corners of Europe are seamlessly connected to our port by road, rail, inland navigation and pipelines.

The connectivity platform

To inform you further about the various transport options and the most optimum way of getting your goods to their destination, we have developed the Antwerp Connectivity Platform.

Using search functionality, this tool maps out the maritime and intermodal connections between Antwerp and European or overseas destinations in a uniform manner.


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A seamless nautical chain

All the maritime services for making shipping traffic run as quickly and safely as possible are present at the port. Most of these services and facilities can be accessed electronically via APCS, the Antwerp Port Community System.

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