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The port is a place of and for people. And together we build Europe's most sustainable port. A port that the next generations can also be proud of.  Sustainable growth in harmony with society and the environment in which it operates. Achieve a significant modal shift and the transition to a circular and low carbon economy: these are the priorities. The Port Authority wants to set a good example and invest in energy-efficient buildings, its own fleet that emits less CO2, a sustainable mobility package tailored to our employees, a youth council to help think about our business, etc.

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Sustainable growth

Antwerp's industrial and logistics port platform is Belgium's most powerful economic engine. One in sixteen Flemish people work in or for the Port of Antwerp and the platform generates EUR 21 billion in terms of direct and indirect added value – i.e. 8.1% of the total for the Flemish region. One of the most important links in the trade between Europe and the rest of the world, the port platform finds itself in a world that is evolving at record speed and can be unpredictable. That is why 'sustainable growth' is our first priority. We expand through additional container capacity (ECA), ensure the available space in the existing port is used as efficiently as possible, facilitate cluster strengthening and want to attract and anchor new goods flows.

sustainability SDGs

Energy transition

The Port Authority transfers the transition into a circular and innovative economy.


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sustainability SDGs


The port needs to be accessible to people and goods. Only a significant modal shift can offer a sustainable solution. 

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Safety & Security

The Port Authority is responsible for the safety and security of people, data, assets and the environment. This means in an increasingly complex reality, safety & security are also high on the list of priorities. A visible policy needs to ensure that all employees of the Port Authority respect all safety and health standards at work. In the port area, we establish safety chains for building security and work permits, cyber resilience, crime fighting, area security and oil disasters. We also have a proactive maritime security policy with monitoring on water, land and in the air.

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Operational excellence

Our aim is maximum customer satisfaction. That is why we ensure that the reliability, quality and price of our services improve continuously. We want the maintenance of the infrastructure and nautical installations to be more efficient and effective and prepare our employees for the jobs of the future by increasing internal mobility and investing 100% in career development.


"In a rapidly changing world, we want to be a safe haven and a lever for everyone who sees opportunities and wants to take on challenges," Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO Antwerp Port Authority.

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Galgeschoor plastic challenge

Every year, Port of Antwerp organizes a clean-up campaign for the Galgeschoor-mudflat nature reserve. Unfortunately, there are still millions of small plastic particles that cannot be cleaned by hand. Meanwhile, the winner has been chosen who will clean up the Galgeschoor together with Port of Antwerp. 

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Sustainable port

The port community's sustainable initiatives are available on our sustainability website. A sustainability report is published every two years. Read the 2017 sustainability report here.

Sustainability awards

The Antwerp Port Authority, the Left Bank Development Corporation and Alfaport Voka highlight the engagement of port companies around sustainability with this two-yearly award. 

Sustainable commuter traffic

We stimulate public transport and promote alternative means of transport such as the bicycle, collective transport, water mobility and initiatives such as carpooling.