Building a sustainable port

The port of Antwerp is Belgium's largest economic engine. We want future generations to be able to enjoy the prosperity and the many jobs that the port creates too. This is why we are building Europe's most sustainable port, reconciling economic, social and ecological interests. We are building a home port as a lever for a sustainable future. That means growing the port in a sustainable way, in harmony with society and the environment in which the port operates.

To achieve this goal, we are continuously pushing our boundaries with innovations that make our port greener, keep it accessible and lead the way in a digital world. By 2030, we want goods to be transported in a more sustainable way, for example by making more use of rail, inland navigation and pipelines. We also want to achieve a transition to a circular and low-carbon economy. Along with our partners, we are pioneering towards 2030.

In a rapidly changing world, we want to be a safe home port and a lever for anyone who sees opportunities and wants to take on challenges

Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO Port of Antwerp


Sustainability and the SDGs, or the United Nations' development goals, are the touchstone for everything we do. Our sustainability policy and business plan are built around five core SDGs: health & welfare, work & economic growth, innovation, sustainable cities & communities and climate action. They form a guideline for the further development of the port. This is what we aim to achieve through partnerships.


Antwerp's industrial and logistics port platform is this country's most powerful economic engine. It is one of the most important links in trade between Europe and the rest of the world. One in sixteen Flemish people work at or for the port of Antwerp and we have an impact on many more people. This is why 'sustainable growth' is our first priority. We want to continue to grow so we can maintain our position as a world port while securing our prosperity, for our children and grandchildren too. Sustainable growth in harmony with our environment.

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In our increasingly complex reality, safety is high on our list of priorities, both in the port area and online. Port of Antwerp is committed to the safety of all port employees, including its own. We are preparing our employees for the jobs of the future and taking up initiatives to improve their health and well-being. We are pursuing a proactive maritime safety policy with supervision of the water, land and air, in order to improve the health and well-being of all port employees.

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For centuries, the port of Antwerp has provided prosperity and jobs in the surrounding cities and municipalities. Port of Antwerp wants to do more and mean more. The port and its surroundings form an ecosystem and, together, we want to create opportunities for a sustainable future. That is why we are investing in mobility, safety and environmental quality

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Port of Antwerp is aiming to be a climate-neutral port by 2050. That is why we are making the transition to a circular economy and investing in the energy transition. We are committed to sustainable industry, logistics and shipping and care about our environment and nature. We collaborate with other frontrunners on ambitious projects around green hydrogen, CCUS and power-to-methanol. With NextGen District, we are creating a new hub for circular economy.

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The port has always been a testing ground and a place of renewal. Through research and development, the port can innovate and grow sustainably. To this end, we collaborate with specialist knowledge centres, teach future professionals, use the very latest technologies, etc. In short, we believe in innovation as a lever towards a sustainable future for the port industry, economy and environment.

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Our lever

As a manager, operator and regulator, we are leading the way towards a sustainable port with our 5 SDGs as a guideline. We want to be a driving force by bringing people, companies and ideas together to accelerate ambitious initiatives. We cannot realize these challenges and ambitions by ourselves. We believe that collaboration is the ultimate lever to achieve our goals. In our role as community builder, we enter into dialogue with and bring together people, companies, NGOs and knowledge institutions.


Our five values

Our values are the unique DNA of our organisation. Trust and simplicity form the basis. Our passion is the engine. And through the values of guts and connection, we are moving forward.











Our values reflect who we are and how we do things. We want to continue to play our leading role as an international world port, both today and in the future. But as a port, we also fulfil an essential role in society. By challenging our employees to dare, to experiment, to learn from mistakes and to challenge others, we can build the adaptability of our entire organisation. This is how we are making the transition from a strong operational organisation to a more knowledge-driven organisation and a community builder.

We uphold our values. We ensure that our port and employees are able to withstand change. We want to be a lever for a sustainable future. The first world port that reconciles people, climate and economy. We want to be the best home port. A port of the people and for the people.

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