Boat tours

A boat tour on the Scheldt is an easy way of seeing all aspects of the port from close by. Just sit back, relax and watch the ships, quays, cranes and terminals glide past!

From the water you see the port from a completely different angle, in the docks and on the Scheldt. You get a fantastic view of the activities on the terminals, sail past giant container carriers hundreds of metres long, and experience the huge extent of the vast port area.

There are various operators offering a variety of tours, sometimes with a special theme. For example, there are tours of “The Port by Night,” tours with stops for snacks and refreshment, or visits to the touristic village of Lillo-Fort.  It is also possible for groups or companies to hire a boat for a certain period of time and organise their own private tour, choosing their own route.

Operators that offer boat tours of the port include Eureka, Rivertours, Riverstar, V-Zit and Jan Plezier

You can also explore the port by bus via Antwerp Port Tours. From Wednesday through Sunday they offer 3 daily bustours, in 4 different languages. Hop on the bus at the flagposts near the MAS Museum.