Unlimited storage capacity and extensive value added services


Europe’s number one port for storage capacity

  • Its capacity of 6.3 million m² of covered dry storage space and 7.2 million m³ of liquid storage space largely exceeds other European ports.
  • No matter your specific storage requirements, the Port of Antwerp has a tailor-made solution for your type of product.

Product-specific storage solutions

temperature-controlled warehousing capacity in port of antwerp
  • For your highly sensitive perishable cargo: more than 2 million m² of temperature-controlled warehousing (ambient, chilled and frozen) is available.
  • Certified warehouses for specific products: organic food, halal meat,…
  • Continuously monitored facilities.
  • Long-term storage possible (strategic stocks, bonded warehousing).

Automated storage for palletised perishables

As a pioneer in Europe, Antwerp disposes of automated warehousing allowing for a more qualitative and time-efficient handling.


Extensive value added services

A large number of highly experienced service providers can deliver added value and handle your perishables cargo in line with your specific needs. Value added services include:

  • Stuffing & stripping of containers
  • Quality control
  • Ripening
  • Sorting
  • Labelling
  • Order picking
  • (re)packing
  • (re)palletizing
  • Inventory management
  • Risk & claim management
  • Fiscal representation
  • Real-time temperature & location monitoring
  • Organic waste processing (recycling)

Increased transparancy of your supply chain

  • Our service providers’ freight management platforms provide you with real-time temperature and location of your individual product.
  • All-in-one international food supply chain security monitoring service: access even more product-related data and follow your product step by step in the entire supply chain.
  • Port community applications: digital exchange of documents by different partners in the supply chain optimises the lead time.

Testimonial Enzafruit New Zealand: Service-level and location

“Jazz™, the very best apple deserves the very best port.”

"We prefer the Port of Antwerp as they offer a far better service than other ports.

They are very flexible and Antwerp port workers take extremely good care of our products.

Due to its deep inland location, we cut at least six hours off the time it takes to deliver our products to their final destination.”

Tony Fisette,

Managing Director

Enzafruit New Zealand

tony fisette enza