Vessel Traffic (VT)

The Vessel Traffic (VT) service is responsible for the safe and efficient flow of shipping in the port area; it takes care of traffic planning, shipping supervision behind the locks and the management of the moorings for seagoing and inland waterway vessels.

Here, you can find an overview of where to go with your various questions:


  • The ACC mailbox is used by the Antwerp Coordination Centre (ACC), the central traffic manager and the ACC traffic manager. From 1 December, all relevant information that impacts on shipping traffic and port planning must be sent to the following email address from agencies, Common Nautical Management (GNA), SPN, FPS mobility, Port State control, etc.
    For urgent issues, you can also call +32 3 229 71 23.
  • The mailboxes (Left bank) and (Right bank) should be used by terminals to send mooring plans for seagoing and/or inland vessels to obtain full approval from the port, so that ships can moor to and depart from moorings on the Left or Right banks. The data will be processed in APICS. In a subsequent phase, this mailbox will be discontinued as the information will be supplied via the Terminal planner. Alternatively, you can call +32 3 229 71 69.
  • The email address is the reporting point for complaints regarding seagoing and inland navigation vessels with respect to the chain system and services in the port. CMK stands for Centraal Meldpunt Ketenwerking (Central Reporting Point for Chain System)


The goal of Vessel Traffic Services in the Port of Antwerp is to improve the safety of shipping, increase the efficiency of navigation and protect the environment within the port. The VTS center can be contacted on Alternatively you can call: +32 3 229 72 50