Water mobility - sustainable transport on the Scheldt

Antwerp Port Authority seeks to encourage sustainable transport by water. With the Water Bus the Port Authority has opted resolutely for this mode of transport. Together with the existing ferry services it now provides a permanent transport alternative.

Water Bus operating daily on the Scheldt 

As of 1 July 2017 Antwerp has a new public transport service: the Water Bus. Since November 2017 the capacity has been doubled with the introduction of a second water bus, the Aqua Ruby. And from 8 October 2018 there is a northern route in operation to the port!

Each water bus has room for 125 passengers and 50 bicycles.

Hemiksem - Kruibeke - Antwerp Route

The route of the first water bus goes from Hemiksem via Kruibeke to the Steenplein square in Antwerp (Van Dijck pontoon).

In combination with the ferry services between Hoboken and Kruibeke and between Bazel and Hemiksem, together with the new crossing between the Steenplein square and the Left Bank, passengers how have six departure points for easier travel on the Scheldt.

Northern route: from Antwerp to Kallo in 30 minutes

The water bus now also has a northern route to the port, with stops in Zwijndrecht (Scheldedijk and DEME) and Kallo (Ketenislaan and Katoennatie near the Kallo lock). This offers a quick, congestion-free alternative for commuting to and from the port.

Employees in the port can take the water bus daily on this route from 0500 to 2300 hours, seven days a week. Initially there will be one water bus per hour, but as of 26 November 2018 the frequency will be doubled to once every 30 minutes.

Travel on this route is free until 25 November, and then from 26 November onwards a normal rate of € 3 euros will apply (Antwerp-Kallo single).

Check out the water bus operating schedule  and ticket prices together with the connections with the Kruibeke-Hoboken and Bazel-Hemiksem ferry services. 


Download the Water Bus timetable

Check out the fares

“An effective and efficient Water Bus is necessary to convince people to leave their car at home. After all, the Scheldt is an ideal channel for commuter transport, and in this period of major roadworks, we must make optimum use of it.”

Port Alderman Marc Van Peel


Other ferry services (between Left and Right banks)

Sint-Anna ferry

As of 1 July 2017 there is a free ferry service between the Left and Right banks of the Scheldt in Antwerp. 

The free ferry service travels between the Frederik Van Eedenplein square on the Left bank and the Steen castle on the Right (7 days/week).

It is open to pedestrians, cyclists (but not mopeds) and wheelchair users (with accompanying helper).

Check out the Sint-Anna ferry schedule

Kruibeke-Hoboken en Bazel-Hemiksem

The free ferry services across the Scheldt between Kruibeke-Hoboken and Basel-Hemiksem are accessible to pedestrians, bicycles and mopeds up to 50cc.

Except for force majeure or exceptional maintenance there are 2 sailings per hour.

Sails every day from 5 am to 11 pm (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays until 10 pm).

“The Sint-Anna ferry service between Left and Right banks has been re-introduced after a period of 58 years. Local people will be able to make use of it even before work on the pedestrian tunnel starts. The Port Authority has made people available to operate the service, and is also paying the operating costs during the summer months.”

Port Alderman Marc Van Peel


Candide De Bruyn

Mobility Advisor
+32 3 205 20 48