Excellent connectivity and a high productivity for short transit times

Flexible and reliable connections

Excellent maritime and European hinterland connectivity

All maritime services and rail & barge container services can be found at www.portofantwerp.com/en/connectivity

Expert forwarding services

Closer to your customer

  • The port’s inland location results in a shorter transit time to the European consumer, production centres and fresh markets.

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Testimonial Greenyard: Close to our customers

“We are convinced that Antwerp is a great logistics hub to organize our banana activities. 

We're in the heart of Europe and thus can quickly serve our customers in Europe. BNFW knows the product very well and can respond quickly to our needs. 

This was a decisive factor for CMA CGM and an incentive to ensure that the flows are imported via the Port of Antwerp.”

Hein Deprez,






Testimonial Belgian Fruit Auction: Flexible, reliable service

“The port of Antwerp is a flexible partner in our overseas supply chain. Our pear exports have never missed a ship.

Thanks to the good collaboration with the various players in exporting our pears, the supply in China, and more recently, Vietnam and Brazil, is regular and reliable.

As a result, Conference pears have an assured place on the Chinese, Vietnamese and Brazilian supermarket shelves.”

Marc Evrard


Be Fresh, Belgische Fruitveiling (BFV, Belgian Fruit Auction)



Fast, qualitative handling

Unrivaled productivity and high flexibility

  • Specialists in perishable cargo prefer Antwerp for its highly-trained workforce and exceptionally high productivity. Perishables cargo can be unloaded from the ship and stuffed in a reefer truck in less than 1 hour.
  • Most terminals have their warehouses immediately at the waterside, which facilitates a fast transit.
  • High flexibility: Extra gangs & equipment can be deployed during peak seasons and at night, allowing your cargo to leave in time.

Ultra-modern equipment

  • Modern shore cranes discharge pallets smoothly.
  • Ultra-modern gantry cranes load and unload container vessels up to +20,000 TEU and have a reach of 25 containers wide, which speeds up the handling process considerably.
  • Every container terminal in Antwerp is widely equipped with reefer facilities, totaling more than 8,000 reefer plugs.
  • A large stock of empty reefer containers is available at the Port of Antwerp.