Work and economic growth


Antwerp's industrial and logistics port platform is this country's most powerful economic engine. One in sixteen Flemish people work at or for the port of Antwerp. The port generates direct and indirect added value of 21 billion euros. That is no less than 8.1% of the total for the Flemish region.


As one of the most important links in trade between Europe and the rest of the world, the port stands amid a world that is evolving at a record pace and is, at times, unpredictable. This is why ‘sustainable growth’ is our first priority. We want to continue to grow so we can maintain our position as a world port while securing our prosperity, for our children and grandchildren too. We aim to achieve this in harmony with our environment.

Sustainable growth

We are taking various initiatives to grow sustainably. We ensure that the available space within the existing port is used as efficiently as possible.


We are developing the former Opel site into a testing ground for circular industry: NextGen District. This is part of how Port of Antwerp is attracting industry that is making the transition to a circular economy. Here, residual flows are no longer regarded as waste, but as products that are used in the economy in the highest possible quality.

In the Waaslandhaven area, we are expanding by creating extra container capacity. The new container terminal will be the greenest in the world, with the lowest emissions.

We are giving our community the tools to engage more effectively in industrial symbiosis. We are joining forces with OVAM's Symbiosis Team and creating connections within our community. We are facilitating cluster reinforcement, so that companies at the port can collaborate more easily and exchange residual flows.

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We are attracting and cementing new goods flows. This way, we can diversify our activities and goods flows even further. That will allow us to be more resilient in times of crisis. In doing so, we are looking into goods flows that fit in with our sustainable vision for the port of the future.

We handle goods as sustainably as possible. In late 2017, Port of Antwerp set up the ‘Zero Pellet Loss’ platform, an initiative for combatting environmental pollution caused by small plastic granules. To this end, we brought together fifteen port companies from the entire chain of transport, industry and logistics. Together, they signed an action programme for preventing pellet loss.


We are making goods flows more sustainable. A concrete example of this is ‘Beyond chocolate’ , a partnership with companies in the chocolate industry. All parties are committed to providing fair wages for cocoa farmers, tackling child labour and combatting deforestation. Port of Antwerp supports such initiatives and is helping to facilitate their operation. We are aiming to bring partners together and create awareness.