Amoras project – Vamoras

The Amoras project became operational in October 2011. This project, named after the Dutch acronym for “Antwerp mechanical dewatering, recycling and application of dredger spoil,” is of strategic importance for the port of Antwerp. Water is removed from the spoil by chamber filter presses, after which the filter cake can be disposed of in a controlled manner. This joint project by the Flemish government and Antwerp Port Authority offers a sustainable solution for processing and disposal of dredger spoil from the port.
The Amoras project will be operated for the next 15 years by the Sereant private consortium. Some 500,000 tonnes of dry filter cake will be produced per year. For the moment it is being stored on the Amoras site.

In parallel with this the Vamoras project was officially started on 1 April in 2011 by the Port Authority and the Flemish Region to look at ways of recycling the filter cake. Practical tests are being carried out in collaboration with private partners to look for ways of using the filter cake in e.g. bricks, lightweight aggregate or concrete for foundations. In this respect the Port Authority is following the cradle-to-cradle philosophy: on the one hand there can no longer be any question of simply throwing away large quantities of waste, while on the other hand increasingly scarce raw materials cannot be used for low-grade applications such as building materials.